Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Service Businesses

When a homeowner is in need of a service they will search the internet for a service provider.

When they search for a service provider who/what will they find? Will it be your business?

Rooftop Marketing Group’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO) Scott Gombar has over a decade of hands-on experience, training and results in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  He has been recognized as an expert by multiple blogs and industry journals/peers.

There are numerous factors to ranking on Google, to numerous to list here.  Even grammar plays a part in search results.  There are other search engines often ignored by other Search Marketers.  There are thousands of changes to the Google Algorithm every year.

The only way to tame the beast that is Google is through experience.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex, tedious and time-consuming job that requires a lot of analysis and adjustment.  If your SEO is not continuously working to improve your business’ SEO then you are going to fail.

Lead by Search Expert Scott Gombar the team at Rooftop Marketing will deliver qualified traffic to your website.  This will, in turn, drive revenue and grow your business.

At RMG you are not just another client.  You are a partner and your success is our business.

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    We Partner With the Best Service Businesses

    Rooftop Marketing partners with only the best service businesses.  Your business should strive to maintain an excellent record of client satisfaction.  Your business reputation should be of the utmost importance to you.

    Poor business reviews impact RMG’s ability to generate high-quality leads for your business.  We closely monitor brand mentions and reviews for our business partners.  We are unable to partner with service businesses that consistently receive poor reviews and customer complaints.

    If poor reviews are an issue for you RMG can help you improve your reputation through business development training and online reputation management.

    Search Engine Optimization SEO Services for Home Improvement Businesses

    Here’s the thing.  A lot of people and marketing agencies claim to be SEO experts.  You’ve probably received phone calls from so-called Google Partners claiming your business listing is incomplete.  There’s a lot of shady practices in the SEO world.

    Let’s address what you should avoid:

    • Promises to get your site ranked on the first page of Google for generic keywords within a specific time frame.  SEO is a long game and some of the more competitive keywords will take time and lots of effort.
    • The “Google Partner” calls.  Legitimate Google Partners do not cold call.  Furthermore when they call if they cannot tell you what your business does then they are not going to put the effort in to help you succeed.  When we call a business we already know some details about the business.
    • Claims of big increases in traffic.  It’s important to measure local traffic, not traffic from another state or country.  You don’t need someone from 2000 miles away visiting your website.

    Ask lots of questions about their SEO practices.  They should be able to explain how they do what they do, and why.

    SEO is complex.  Trust the experts at Rooftop Marketing Group.

    How Rooftop Marketing Group Does SEO

    So many Search Marketers keep their Search Engine Optimization methods a secret.  Not us!

    There are over 200 ranking factors.  Some are known, some are not.  There is nothing written anywhere that shows what ranking factors work the most.  There is a lot of speculation, some backed by actual research.

    What we do know is that Google wants their results to reflect what the searcher is looking for.  In other words, if you search for “Pizza” you shouldn’t get a Chinese delivery service as a result.

    Google determines if a website is relevant to a search query by what we call engagement analytics.  These include (but are not limited to):

    • Bounce Rate
    • Time Spent on Site
    • Number of Pages Visited
    • Growth
    • Engagement (comments on blogs, social shares, etc…)

    The team at Rooftop Marketing works to improve these analytics constantly and has proven time and time again that this method works.  That’s not to say we ignore other factors but our focus is on ensuring you get qualified traffic.