Digital Advertising with Google, Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Google and Facebook thrive on advertising.  So does Bing, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Advertising is a great way to drive potential new clients to your website.  It can also be a quick way to spend a ton of money and not see any results.

You need an experienced digital advertiser to guide you (or manage) your pay per click campaigns to ensure you are getting the best return on your advertising investment.

We first determine where to best advertise your business, and to who.  We then develop and launch a campaign keeping your budget in mind.  We closely monitor the results and adjust to deliver an effective, results-driven ad campaign.

Our ad copy is the difference!

Take a moment and search for a service provider in your area on Google or Bing.  At the top of the search results page, you will likely see ads related to your search.  Notice that most of the ad copy is very similar.

There used to be a lot of creativity in advertising.  Ever since businesses started using paid search for advertising the creativity went out the window.  Many advertisers treat digital advertising as if it were the classifieds section.

Not us!  We put the creativity back in advertising.

Let’s Get Started!

    I Agree to be Fully Committed to Building My Business

    We Partner With the Best Service Businesses

    Rooftop Marketing partners with only the best service businesses.  Your business should strive to maintain an excellent record of client satisfaction.  Your business reputation should be of the utmost importance to you.

    Poor business reviews impact RMG’s ability to generate high-quality leads for your business.  We closely monitor brand mentions and reviews for our business partners.  We are unable to partner with service businesses that consistently receive poor reviews and customer complaints.

    If poor reviews are an issue for you RMG can help you improve your reputation through business development training and online reputation management.

    google ad example from Rooftop Marketing Group

    Our ad team has been trained by Google and industry leaders.  We know and understand how to deliver the best return on your advertising dollar.  It’s not just about your budget.  It’s about your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

    We Do What Other Advertisers Don’t

    On average we are able to drive per click prices to 1/3 or less of what other advertisers deliver.  What many advertisers don’t understand is it’s not just about the ad, it’s also about the desired action.

    We deliver with original ad copy.  The ad to the left (or above if you’re on mobile) is a call only ad we ran on Google for a local landscaper.  It landed in the top 4 but it stood out from the others because the copy was different.

    This campaign was even more successful because it utilized call only on a schedule.  Call only ads completely eliminate the marketing funnel and get straight to business.

    Whatever your goal is (it should be to drive business) we create ads that reach your audience and convert them.

    How Rooftop Marketing Group Does Digital Advertising

    We’ve heard the horror stories. There are so many of them.  Businesses hire a paid search provider to create and manage ads.  They create ads based on what the business owner suggests and run with it.

    Often the ads fail because not enough work was put into creating the ads.  Sometimes the paid search provider forgets to set the budget and the business gets charged thousands of dollars for ads that aren’t even converting.

    Sometimes the ads don’t even accurately represent what the business does.  Imagine getting clicks and calls for electrical work when you run a plumbing business.

    One of the biggest problems with running ads the way a business owner suggests is the business owner often doesn’t understand how their potential clients are finding them on the internet.

    Our Paid Search Methodology

    • First, we research.  We determine who, where, why, what and how.  This helps us determine the best platform and details for the ad(s)
    • Then we develop compelling, unique ad copy.  That can be text, images or video.
    • We closely monitor the ad(s) performance and adjust as needed.
    • We don’t just watch cost per click or number of clicks.  Our ultimate measurement is Cost Per Acquisition.  You might generate 10,000 clicks and the best CPC possible but what good is it if they’re not converting?

    The Paid Search Team at Rooftop Marketing Group works with you through the entire process to ensure you understand exactly what your advertising money is being spent on.  You will receive monthly reports and we’re available at all times to discuss your ads.