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Episode 2 RMG Live – Integrity in Business

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Integrity in Business FB

Episode 2 RMG Live – Integrity in Business

What does Integrity mean? Why is it important in business? What happens if you aren’t transparent and honest in business? We answer all these questions and more using real business examples. This is the 2nd RMG Live.


Scott Gombar 0:04
Hey everyone, welcome to second edition of RMG live on Facebook. And I just let me turn off my, my my watch because it’s beeping I am Scott Gombar I am the chief growth operators chief growth Officer of rooftop marketing group based out of Newington, Connecticut and we service service businesses all around the US and with me is

Yony Argueta 0:35
I’m here, Joanie, Joanie or geta. As I mentioned before in our previous podcast, I work with business owners to do development, coaching, and we also work in different personal aspects of their lives as we believe that character plays a big role in the success of any business person

Scott Gombar 0:59
and Together we’ve we’ve created rooftop marketing and we’re excited to also tell you that next Saturday a week from tomorrow we have our second home improvement business builder seminar in just outside of Springfield, Massachusetts. You can see the address there on the screen 20 Highland Avenue wilbraham mass and Jani went to you want to read the Spanish version of the flyer there.

Yony Argueta 1:25
Sure, Scott. Tender Mr. Mr. sienta Seminerio para contract Taurus is Panos lc yentas alimentos the favor arrow unless you live in Springfield, Massachusetts is Tamar Moyer Muslim nows perky, Mo Zbyszko kimonos contactors is tanker siendo. Amy Horan. So we are very excited about this coming event.

Scott Gombar 1:46
Yes, we are um you know, I love to talk Yani. So it’s, it’s natural for me, right? And I know you love to talk to, but we do we you’ll learn a lot there. You’ll you’ll Your walk away having some more knowledge about how to run a business in, in Massachusetts and in general. So we hope that you can join us. We have quite a few people attending already. So you want to call or send us a message or email us about whether you whether you can join us. We are live on Facebook as you if you’re watching this, you probably know that already. So if you have any questions today, feel free to ask us on Facebook. Will will answer them as best we can during our live podcast, or live Facebook and if we can’t answer live we will get back to you with the answer I promise. And oh hey Yani any updates in your business, anything you want to share with us? I know it’s been a pretty quiet winter as far as snow and ice is concerned in Connecticut. And you want to share?

Yony Argueta 2:52
Well, yeah, you know, it’s been a blessing if we can put it that way. We have had phone calls every week. A couple of phone calls and those phone calls have become conversions. They have become jobs. So we have kept busy up to this point. We haven’t gone out of work whenever it rains or snows. But aside from that, we go out and do repairs. And it’s been, like you said a little bit as low but we are busy to some extent.

Scott Gombar 3:22
Yeah. Yeah, the weather’s been slow but you’re not slow. You got you got business going on, which is good. You’re in a seasonal type business and you’re still getting work. That’s That’s an awesome thing.

Yony Argueta 3:35
Absolutely. The

Scott Gombar 3:37
today’s topic I’m sorry, I do have some speaking engagements myself coming up. I do have one next month in March 16. I think it’s March 19. Sorry, it’s a that one is going to how to protect your business and yourself on social media. And then in April, we will be doing one on fishing and how to protect your business. Against phishing attacks, those are both going to be in the Maryland area. So you can and I’ll, I’ll share more information as we get closer to that we have some other stuff we’re working on for rooftop marketing as well. And we’ll get to those details soon as they are secured. But today’s topic is integrity in business. And I think it’s a really, really important topic, and we’re going to talk about that. This is again, this is the second episode of our RNG live and the first four episodes we’ve dedicated to our basic guiding our four guiding principles, which last week we talked about innovation. This week, we’re talking about integrity, and then we’ll have excellence and creativity will have. We have one scheduled for next Friday and then the following. following Friday, we will be taking a break and then the Friday after that. We’ll be back for the fourth one. So Yani, you want to open up the conversation on integrity.

Yony Argueta 4:55
Absolutely. And like you said, this is very important. The word integrity can be the Finding many different ways. But today we’re going to try to apply it specifically to contractors, to businesses to business owners, how is integrity played out in the marketplace? See relates to relationships between consumers and contractors, and so forth. And also, as you said, this is going to be a discussion. We don’t pretend to know everything about the topic, but these discussions are very helpful. They help us learn and grow and do stuff in a better way. So I once heard that integrity is to think speak and act in the same way, especially when no one is watching you. So if this if we focus on this particular definition of integrity, then integrity has to do with our character, who we are as as people. It has to do to the very core of our who we are? How do we think how do we act? Those in alignment our thinking in our acting because if not, then we’re going to have duplicity. We think one way and we act in a different way. So if we don’t practice integrity in business, then you know, what we are, who we are is going to be reflected in the culture of our, of our organization, our organizations, our employees, and everything else that we do, little by little are going to start to reflect who we are. So integrity is is basically part of our character is who we are. So if if, if we don’t practice integrity, then we are practicing dishonesty. Right? And, and and you know, this that’s why this topic is very important because out there unfortunately, we find a lot of that as a contractor, I can tell you a whole bunch of stories. People that are selling one thing and doing another and they’re coming up with different stories or or selling these made up his stories to sell a product, and it’s not true. So integrity is very important in business.

Scott Gombar 7:17
agreed on integrity is really important and like you said, the definition is, you know, the definition I have here is defined as what you do when nobody is watching. And that’s important. You know, I like to think that we know that somebody is always watching right Yani. Yep, it may not be who you think it is, but somebody is always watching. And so you I always everything I do, I base it on the assumption that somebody is watching, even if you know I’m in my office by myself right now. We’re live so people are watching but I’m in my office by myself. I could say nobody’s watching but I always operate under the assumption that somebody is watching and I always operated On the assumption that even if nobody is watching, the truth will always come out anyway. So if I pretend that you know, so I do some mighty work. If I say that, as a matter of fact, I just heard a story on the way back from from our office, about an IT firm that was was charging a business between 10 and $12,000 a month for services that they weren’t even really providing. So they said that all their computers were secured. And it turns out, they brought in so this this business brought in a forensic expert, and they determined that hunting, I think it was 100 and hundred and something computers in the business were not protected with the right security software. And in this business was charging them over $10,000 a month to protect them and they weren’t doing the job. So that to me is integrity that says we’re not doing our job. But we’re going to continue to bill as we’re going to continue to charge it Customer as if we were doing our job. And that’s really not a good way to operate. And those things come to life so that I don’t know how long they were doing it. But it came to like somebody, somebody said, something’s not right here. Let’s look into this. And that’s, you know, so now, the reputation of that business. You know, we talked about reputation last week when we talked about innovation. Well, once again, we’re talking about reputation. If you don’t have your reputation, at the end of the day, you don’t have anything.

Yony Argueta 9:28
For this reason, Scott, when we work with contractors, we always tell them, the worst thing you can do as a contractor is to build your business with dishonest practices. That’s the worst thing you can do because you start building something on on a bad platform, on a bad Foundation, with bad philosophies with bad practices. And eventually, like you said, anything that is hidden in darkness is going to come out to the light and it can be Really, really dangerous for the organization or for any type of business?

Scott Gombar 10:06
That’s exactly right. It’s it’s not something that you want to happen to your business because that will be the end of your business in all honesty,

Yony Argueta 10:15
and nowadays since we talked about innovation last week, I have seen really bad comments about companies in social media. And this has to do with integrity sometimes you know, I want to mention something about integrity because integrity doesn’t mean that will perfect. Integrity is not perfection. But I believe that integrity is practice. When you do your best and most honest effort in whatever you’re doing. You put it you put your best and most honest effort into whatever you’re doing. This is based on your knowledge. This is best based on who you are. You’re not trying to pretend you’re trying to be someone you You are not a to know something that you don’t know So if I go out and I am asked, what’s what’s the benefits of metal roofing? If I don’t know it, and I’m gonna say, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t have to come up with a story. This is a very basic example. But you don’t have to come up with that story. You don’t have to start making up these stories, that right there on the spot, you have to be honest, you don’t know it. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn it. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to educate yourself later. But if you don’t know it on this, but just be honest.

Scott Gombar 11:32
And that’s a really, really good point. Because we don’t know everything. Nobody can know everything. It’s important to say if you don’t know something, it’s it’s okay. You know, always said it at the beginning of this episode. If you have a question, we’ll do our best to answer it live. And if we can’t, we’ll get back to you with the answer. And I think that’s really important that in any business that if you don’t know the answer, you don’t give wrong information, just so you don’t know the answer, and get back to the person who asked The question or the business that asked the question what the correct information when you have it. So that’s really, really good point. And you’re right, I just see that a lot, I see a lot where people will pretend to know an answer and give wrong information. And that can be dangerous, that can be really dangerous. You know, in the case of Metal Roofing, if you give the wrong information, you could really do some damage to a house you can hurt someone you can or worse and so you don’t want to give wrong information because you don’t know the extent of the damage that can be caused by it. And, and again, your reputation is on the line if you if you give wrong information, and then the right information is presented. You look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Yony Argueta 12:45
Another another example, I think of right now all about integrity being played out in the marketplace, especially in contractors, like contracts, written contracts, for instance. I know if you contractors we don’t want to mention anyone specifically, but they write what they are going to do, but they don’t end up doing it. For instance, you’re right you’re going to use this type of product and you end up using a cheaper product cheaper version of the product. And and and you know, that’s that’s integrity played out right there or do you have to do what you said you are going to do? There is a very famous writer whose name is CS Lewis. And he says that the way that we know that our line is crooked is because we have a clear concept of what a straight line is. And and and this is a beautiful illustration about integrity because people out there are going to know that you’re a crook. If you are eventually like you said it’s got is gonna come out to the light. We have sold many jobs, not because we are the cheapest contractor out there or the cheap Be? No, we have sold him because people have perceived that we are honest. We don’t know everything. Like I said, we’re not perfect. We tried to do the right thing. But what we know and who we are is what they get. You know, if we said we’re going to do something with it, and if for some reason we make a mistake, we own the mistake. We face it, and we make it right. And that’s how you practice integrity is not by being perfect that everything is is the best. I’m the best. I’m perfect in everything I do. No, I don’t think such a thing exists. Like you said, Nobody can be perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But we can practice integrity in the marketplace. We it can be done.

Scott Gombar 14:47
Oh absolutely can be done. And I just want to remind I know we have a few people watching. It’s hard for us to see exactly who’s watching. So if you have questions, feel free to ask those questions and like I said, we will answer it best. We can Live and if we can’t get an answer to live we will get an answer to you after the fact and also just say hi just like the video like the Live podcast share it out to your friends you never know we might be a blessing to someone else out there in your in your world and really at the end of the day that’s that’s what we’re here to do to be a blessing to the other business owners in whatever shape way or form we can be. And that’s all we really hope to do at the end of the day. But yeah, you know, you made you made a good point about integrity just now and another example is even what we do at rooftop marketing group on for a lot of people you’ll see through all over the internet people talk about SEO which we do we do we do extensively. It’s they’ll call it magic. They’ll call it you know they call it all kinds of stuff. But what we do what you know We’re doing this now live. And I and I blog all the time. And, you know, we talk about it all the time, we have our seminars, we’re going to be doing a series of webinars as well. And I will tell you exactly what we do and how we do it. Because I want to be transparent. And I believe that in business transparency, which ties to integrity, because now you can hold me accountable to what I’m doing. You said, What’s got you said you were going to do a, b, and c, but you only did a and b, whereas we’re see. So that’s why we do, how we that’s how we do things and why we do it because we want to be, we want you to say we want you to know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how it’s benefiting you. And we talked about this earlier today on you if we don’t try something new with a client unless we know that it works and we’re we’re going to try it with us first. And if it works great. Now we go to our clients and say updated his We’re going to try, here’s why we think we should try it. here’s, here’s the results we’ve gotten. We don’t we don’t keep anything a secret, we tell you everything, exactly the way it is our contracts, we review the contract, we sit down with you and review every piece of that contract with you. And then we even tell you, hey, if you want to back out at any point, just let us know. So there’s no there’s no there’s nothing hidden from you. The the method that we use is is right up front, everything is transparent. And and that’s the way really business should operate. It should be that level of integrity where you’re holding the business owner accountable for what they said they were going to do.

Yony Argueta 17:45
Can you think of any more examples of integrity being played out in the marketplace, especially in contractors and I’m gonna, I’m gonna come up with and I believe that even being insured in the state of Connecticut in spite of your integrity, by law, we have to have insurance and in terms of workers compensation, my personal view is that the most important reason for us contractors to have workers compensation is people know because it is a requirement of the state or a requirement to pull a permit. We have to remember that at the end of the day, we are working with people and if someone gets hurt, we, that person has to go to the hospital, it has to be seen it has to be treated with dignity because it is a person it is a human being has the greatest value. And and and and having a workers compensation thing is part of our integrity, having disability. Having a license so that we operate legally. We’re doing things right pulling up permit today. Our job, we’re doing things right when we pull a permit when we close a permit. We’re doing things, right we are practicing integrity. When we give out a contract, like you said, a written contract, we comply with our terms. Whatever we say we are going to do, we will we’re not going to cut corners. And then in these, we can ask the question, Who is the beneficiary of integrity when when it’s practice. And at the end of the day, I believe that the person who practices integrity is the person that gets the most benefits out of it. If you think about it, mental health, peace of mind, you go to bed and you don’t have to worry about being found out. You don’t have to worry about getting phone calls. You don’t have to worry about your reputation being a stain out there because you’re doing something wrong. You You’re basically doing dishonest practices. So integrity plays a crucial role in the health of the individual. In this specific case, being the the individual, the business owner. On an end, your organization is going to reflect your thinking, who you are.

Scott Gombar 20:19
True, it rolls downhill. Yeah, there’s those are all good points. I like what you said about insurance. Because, you know, I saw I’m the social media guy of the group. And I spent a lot of time in local groups like Marion and groups Newington groups on Facebook, and you’ll see where they’ll share, you know, such and such business isn’t door knocking and they don’t have insurance and they’re using deceptive practices and and the reality is, you’re not just hurting your business. So if I’m on a power washer, and I’m using that as an example, because there was an example of that last year, American So if I’m power, if I’m going door to door knocking and say I’m going to powerwash your house. And here’s what we charge and, you know, maybe my house doesn’t need power washing, and then I don’t do a good job. And then and then somebody gets hurt. And I find out, you find out that the homeowner finds out there’s no insurance because now if you don’t have insurance, the homeowners on the hook for that insurance. And you develop a not only a bad reputation for your own business, not he developed a bad reputation for the entire industry, because now the homeowner is going to the next time they need power washing, they’re going to be very skeptical of another power of another company that does power washing. And so you’re not just harming yourself and your reputation. You’re harming the business in general. Yes. And you’re harming the community because now people are going to be a little more skeptical going forward if you’re not providing insurance. And like you said, it’s it is about the people so if an employee gets hurt, and you don’t have insurance that employee you You know, they may be stuck with with medical bills and not being able to work. And it’s there’s just a lot of things that can go wrong. If you’re not doing the right thing if you don’t have insurance, and you’re not doing the right thing when you need to do it. So that those are good points. For you know, integrity means making sure that all the bases are covered.

Yony Argueta 22:21
Yeah. And that’s why we work with with contractors, like on a one on one basis, basically to help them and and this is one of the points or the principles that we actually emphasize a lot. Integrity has to be part of your character. And I know we all have different upbringings. We all come from different cultures, sometimes different parts of the country, and so forth. And as we grow with the battle, paradigms, patterns of thinking, and we are who we are, but that doesn’t necessarily means that we have to stay that way. Especially when you are going to provide services to to homeowners openly. People from different places from different towns and cities are going to reach out to your business, requesting your services. And this is very key in this. In this, they are going to pay you for a professional service is not free, they are hiring you. They are making an investment and they are trusting you with their homes for you to improve it. That’s why it is called home improvement. So you go to a house to improve it. You go to house to make it look beautiful, to make it look better, but you are getting paid for it. So when you do your estimations Do you have to make sure you charge right so you don’t have to be cutting corners at the end of the day. You don’t have to charge the highest amount of But just charge fairly. So you’re you’re making money. You’re paying your people fairly, and you’re providing a professional service. Right? Many times are people in desperation want to sell sell jobs, and they under bit others. But then they have to cut corners to make the numbers work. And that’s why integrity is is like you said, transparency. Just make your numbers right. Make your calculations right. So that you don’t have to be struggling at the end of the project and asking yourself, how am I going to make my profit out of this? Am I just wasting my time? And and that’s why you have to really think you have to learn. I once heard that ignorance. You know, ignorance is not a stupidity. Ignorance is is just that you don’t know. So Something you haven’t been taught about something. So if you don’t know something, then educate yourself to do a better job next time. But if you have to take a loss, in my opinion, take a loss, learn from your mistake, move on and try to do things better next time and do it. Right.

Scott Gombar 25:19
Right. Right. All good points. Again, we have a few people watching on if you have questions, feel free to just type it in into the feed will answer the question as best we can live. And if we can’t, we will get back to you with an answer when we can. And if you could share it out, be great. We’re just trying to spread the word which I know maybe to maybe reach your friend or your family member that wants to start a business. Those are those that are on the fence about starting a business. Maybe this will help them decide that they do want to start a business or maybe you know the reverse of that is maybe they decide it’s too much and they don’t want to start a business, you know, not business, owning a business is not for everybody. And that’s, you know, that’s not meant to be mean. It’s just the reality, not everybody. It’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of work in owning a business. So we wouldn’t want you to jump into something if it’s going to be too much for you to handle. Because at the end of the day, you’re, you’re your peace of mind is the most important part of your life. But we are here to answer questions. We’re here talking about integrity in business, and the importance of it and i think you know, of the four principles that we have for a rooftop and you have a you’re good, I think, integrity might be the most important in my opinion. I think without integrity, you’re just, you know, you’re just just not a good person. You know, you’re just not really somebody that people should would want to work with.

Yony Argueta 26:54
And in that in the previous podcast is caught we’re talking about innovation and We touched on on trust. And integrity is going to build trustworthiness in front of the consumers. People are looking for reliable people, they are looking for trustworthy people. They are looking for honest people. And when you think about integrity, in theory encompasses all those elements. Yeah, deveny, like you said, is a foundation for the other principles. Our character, who we are, the way we think the way we act, the way we speak, they have to be all in alignment. Otherwise, we’re going to be not only deceiving people, but deceiving ourselves.

Scott Gombar 27:43
Right? Right. You’re deceiving yourself. And you mentioned earlier, you know, you can’t rest easy at night knowing or unless you don’t have a conscience, but you can’t rest easy at night if you know you didn’t do the right thing. So now you’re losing sleep. Now. you’re stressed Now you’re maybe a little paranoid. If you have a family or anything like that, and that’s impacting your family life, that’s impacting your, your social life. And it’s, you know, identity, stress, stress. I believe in my heart that stress is the leading cause of death in the country. It may not it may not say that’s what it is. But stress can contribute to poor health. And if you’re stressed because you’re not doing the right thing, when you should be, it is going to contribute to your overall health. There’s there’s a lot of side effects of not having integrity, in life and in business. A lot of side effects.

Yony Argueta 28:45
And like we have mentioned before, you know, the worst thing you can do is to build your business on dishonest practices, right? That can be very hurtful in the long run. It can bring a lot of headaches and People can get really sick, like you said, stress, depression and all those things are gonna kick in eventually.

Scott Gombar 29:08
Right? Yeah. And if you start off, let’s say you just start one business and you’re you’re you don’t use you’re not using your best, not using your best character in that business, even if that business closes up and you think, Okay, well, I will start another business now and I’ll do better this time. No, your reputation stays with you. People are going to remember, you know, I worked with a gentleman. I use that that term loosely, a gentleman a few years ago who was starting a networking group, kind of specialized, and I won’t get too deep into the details. And he was collecting money from people to join this networking group. And I was working with him for a little while in the marketing aspect of this networking group. And I stumbled on a few things. While working for him, that he wasn’t, he was really being dishonest, very dishonest with the money he was being very dishonest with, with things that he was promising but didn’t deliver on. And I discovered this and immediately cut ties with him because it was it was pretty bad. He now has a reputation here. He was trying to do this in Connecticut. He has a reputation here in Connecticut, that is really bad. And every once in a while his name comes up somewhere and they’ll say, Oh, yeah, that guy remember that guy. He stole money from people. And then he took off. He’s no longer in Connecticut. I’m not sure where he is. But you know, the reputation followed him. And so if if, in certain circles, his name comes up or the business name comes up. People remember people remember that. They remember that more than they’ll remember a business owner who always practices high level integrity. Because people remember negative more than they remember positive sad to say that is the case. But again, Remember the negative more than into the positives? You know, it goes back to review in businesses when you review a business online. It is when when I have a negative experience not me personally, but when someone has a negative experience with a business, they’re more likely to leave a negative review of that business, then they are a positive review. I think I forget the numbers, I think it’s if a negative. If, if I have a negative experience, I’m going to tell up to 10 people, if I have a positive experience, I might tell one kind of same principle online if I leave, more likely to or most people are more likely to negatively review a business online than they are positively to positively reviewing businesses online, there’s more negative reviews out there than there is positive. So that says a lot about a business integrity when you have a bunch of positive reviews because people are taking the time out to go and review that business

Yony Argueta 31:59
and you Know going back to the integrity of being who you are. And I have a story to share recently, actually, like three months ago, actually, we were doing a commercial job for a very nice guy. And we made a mistake. One of our guys glog, one of the drains by accident, and this is human error. Like I said before, integrity is not perfection, right? We don’t know everything, and we’re not perfect. But when something happens, you have to take responsibility. And a lot of contractors fail of these because they make a mistake, they just disappear. No many do that. And sometimes they just, they just don’t answer the phone and they’re not nowhere to be found. But going back to this story, we had this issue. It was a very nice office and water got into this nice office. And it caused quite a bit of damage. But you know, I went to the owner he was away and I responded really quick. We did the right thing. We hired a guy to clean and then the client. He hired on keys in a few people to take care of this stuff really quick and everything was taking care of your thinking get off, and we ended up paying for everything. But at the end when everything was all said and done, he came up to me and told me, Johnny things happen. I have been in business for 30 something years and he said, Look, things happen. But I like the way you handled it. There was this was human error. It happened but you took responsibility and you basically took a steps to make it right. And and then at the end, Scott, he ended up paying for some stuff out of his pocket. So he ended up basically splitting the the final bill into just because we were practicing integrity,

Unknown Speaker 34:10
right? So it is

Yony Argueta 34:12
rewarding. You know, if you don’t answer the phone, if you ignore the phone calls you don’t you don’t take responsibility. When you have made a mistake for for any reason, things are going to even become worse.

Scott Gombar 34:29
No, yeah, it’s just good because if you don’t answer that phone call, and deal with the issue that the person who’s having the issue is going to look for alternative methods of dealing with that issue. So that might include depending on what it is, it might include Iran or your competitor, it might include reporting YouTube to the proper authorities, it could include any number of things. So that’s, that’s, you know, that’s not a road you want to go down. Because at the end of the day, it’s only going to compound the issue in more social reminder guys, when I do see there’s a few people watching coming in and out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Share it out, we would really appreciate if you shared it and or liked the live stream because it will help others as well. And it will help us let’s be honest, we, you know, we want to reach as many people as we can. Because we want to talk about integrity, and integrity and business integrity in life is important as well. If for those of us that have families, you how you carry yourself is the image your children are going to see the image that your family’s going to see. And if you’re if you’re being dishonest and using less than honest practices, that’s what your children are going to mirror. So there’s that aspect of things too. We don’t want to give that image to our to our family to our children. And you know, I don’t know about you Yani but I hope for one day for my children to maybe take over the business. Carry on with it. Um, you know, would be nice.

Yony Argueta 36:05
That is our hope and, and going back to the, to the foundation of all these principles being integrity, we have to do the right thing we have to learn. And I have to be honest, where we young, it’s hard to get this concept it’s hard to, to practice it. But as we grow older, and we begin families, and we start dealing with more people, we develop relationships, we learn from other people. I have met great people that have taught me how to live basically, they have modeled model integrity to me and it has been a great blessing. You know, I don’t regret embracing this principle of integrity in my life. And and I continue to spread it out there. I continue to advise people isn’t you have to be honest. Just be honest. If if you’re not ready to start a business, don’t start right. That’s one of the first tips we give to two contractors, right? It’s called when we have our seminars, you have to know what you are doing. You have to be an expert or have if you are not, then your partner maybe is an expert. But you have to know what you are doing. You have to know what you’re talking about in order to offer professional service services, because you are going to charge for them.

Scott Gombar 37:25
Right. Right. I think that’s important. A lot of people go into business thinking, you know, hey, my boss, tells me how to do this, this and this, and I know how much they’re charging and I think I could do a better job than they too, and make a little more money for myself. Well, that’s really not how it works at all. I can make my own schedule. I know you’re going to you’re going to your schedule is going to be crazier. You’re going to understand that there’s there are hidden costs in business that you may not be aware of. And you’re going to understand that your boss has probably been doing it longer. You have an understands how to do it the right way in without cutting corners and how to deal with customers and how to deal with with you know any any insurance issues, compliance issues, government issues, all of those things that you have to deal with in business it’s not just I can you know paint the walls better than than my boss Can you might be able to you might be more talented at the job but running a business is not just doing the job is saying you know you want to work on your business not in your business because at the end of the day you know, you you know, your your businesses, a roofing company, but you’re not on a roof right now are you because you you, you understand that it’s more than just putting down the roof or repairing the roof you have to, you have to you have to create proposals, you have to speak to clients, you have to make sure insurance and all the paperwork is in place. You have to make sure the invoices are done you have to and so it’s more than just doing The job you have to know how to run a business and you, a lot of people are not prepared for that when they go into business. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t prepared. When I first started the IT business, I thought, Hey, I could do this job and I could charge. I don’t have to charge as much as some of these other companies charge. And I realized as I went along, that was a mistake. You learn. I learned the hard way. And so we’re trying to make sure that other business potential business owners don’t learn the hard way that they understand. Yeah, you might think you could charge you know, you could charge very little for a job. But what, what is going to be missing from now? Are you going to be able to feed your family? Are you gonna be able to pay the electric bill? Are you going to be able to pay the insurance companies and that’s, that’s where that’s where you run into problems, not understanding that aspect of the business.

Yony Argueta 39:51
And like I had mentioned before, ignorance doesn’t mean that you are dumb. You know that you are incompetent. It means that you don’t know something. But if you don’t know something, it doesn’t mean that that you have to stay that way. There are many resources out there available that can help us to get educated. In the roofing industry, for example, you know, like you mentioned we have mentioned in metal rules, but also achieving goals are changing and it is important products, underlayment products, ice and water shield, all those things keep changing. The manufacturers are improving those things. They’re constantly working to improve their products, so they last longer, they look better and so forth. So it is our job as roofers to be familiar, to familiarize with these new products. And and this is part of the innovation things. Things are changing, and we have to learn. We have to adapt to change if we want to be successful. But at the same time, we have to educate ourselves so that we know what we’re talking about. And we know where we are installing

Scott Gombar 41:06
your continuous education in any business, if you’re running a business, you have to continually educate yourself, you know, tax laws, and that’s not to say you’re going to do your own taxes, but you should still have some understanding insurance rules, state laws, and so all those things, you have to have at least some level of understanding, you know, I, part of what what my IT business does is, is healthcare compliance. So HIPAA, and I walked into a practice. Again, I won’t get into too much detail, but the owner of the practice told me, he didn’t know where they stand with him, but he doesn’t know. He doesn’t. He has a compliance officer in the practice that takes care of everything. All he knows is he had to watch a video on on OSHA the other day, which isn’t HIPAA, it’s another requirement and I’m sure you’re very familiar with OSHA, but that’s right. So it’s another requirement if you own a business and you have employees, you if you don’t have at least some idea, yes, somebody in your business can be the expert at that, that subject matter. But you should still have some idea that this exists and where you stand with it. And so it continuous education is is a huge part of being a business owner. And it helps you to keep that level of integrity because now when somebody says, Hey, Jani, can you tell me about OSHA or Hey, Dr. Zone, so can you tell me about your HIPAA compliance program, that they now can speak intelligently to it? And they can say, you know, I may not have the specifics, I can get back to you with that, but I know we haven’t put it in place. And that’s integrity. That’s really what it is. Not, you’re not lying. You’re not covering anything up. You’re being transparent. You don’t know all the details, but you do know that it exists. You do know that you need Continuously educate yourself, which is, you know, again, it goes back to if you’re a business owner, if you want to be a business owner, you have to understand if I showed you Sunday, all of the different documents and books and PDFs and all kinds of stuff that I save, to go back to later for resources, you would your head would probably pop. I don’t know. If there’s a lot of information and it changes all the time in every business every it doesn’t have to be a high tech business. It doesn’t have to be a digital business. Every business as you said, Metal Roofing, new types of shingles, insurance rules are going to change OSHA rules are going to change. Everything changes all the time.

Yony Argueta 43:43
And you know, something else that is changing is building codes, the state of Connecticut recently, even some building codes for roofing changed. And this has to do with underlayment, which is basically the paper that you put On the roof deck before installing the shingles For instance, if if a house has a roof deck that is still done with toning group boards to have to put ice and water shield on the entire roof deck, and this is by a stakeout it’s not your decision or your choice. The code of the state of Connecticut is telling you as a roofer, to put ice and water shield on the entire roof deck. And you know, what you do as a roof roofing contractor is you charge accordingly you charge a little more because you cannot use more than one shield. And then you use do it. Another thing they call this calling for is to put tape on plywood joins if if if the roof deck is not made with tongue and groove, but with plywood, then you have to put ice in once you have these two rows, equivalent to six feet and then you tape all these scenes. So the plywood and then you put your synthetic paper, very basic stuff for roofers, but it’s dictated by the the state of Connecticut codes and and you have to, you have to follow the rules. And and this goes down again to integrity to doing the right thing. And again, if you don’t know it, then now you know it, find out what the the you know, the newest building codes are get familiarize with them and just put it into practice.

Scott Gombar 45:30
Right. So that raises an interesting question. Have you ever had to turn down a client because they they kind of insisted that you take shortcuts on that you knew were not ethical that that didn’t. It will kind of dishonest and you said, you know, maybe we could shave off $1,000 if we don’t do this and that. Have you ever had to turn away a client because of something like that.

Yony Argueta 45:56
It has happened a couple of times and Not only because of the integrity staff but also with we have the other principle that is excellence. Quality basically people want to do things in a very cheap way. And and some people say that don’t worry about the permit. You know but the thing is that we are a licensed contractor we are insured contractor and like you said before, our reputation is at stake. We take pride in everything we do. And we like to do things right using the best products available and not saying the most expensive ones, but you can use conventional products that are very efficient, very good, long lasting products. And and some people they just you know they offer you cash money, but at the end of the day, the cost of the materials is the same whether they pay cash or with a check. You are going to pay the same amount of money for your labor for for the permit for the dumpster and for the materials. So does make a big difference to get cash. I mean, if they want to pay the full price in cash is a different story. But they try to offer you guys cash so that you charge less. But in our in our you know, in our case, we don’t like to take that route, we like two things, right? We offer a good, a good warranty without installation, and we stand behind our work if anything goes wrong. Like I said, we’re not perfect. We tried to do the right thing the first time but if something happens, we go back and fix it.

Scott Gombar 47:36
So and that’s to kind of spin off of that. If you do decide you’re going to work with with someone who said hey, you know, let’s skip this and that and then you could charge me a little less and you do go ahead and do that. The problem that you will face is now when because as you said excellence, the quality isn’t there. They’re not going to hesitate to say say, Oh, well, your go to construction did it this way, this is their fault, they will not hesitate, because they’ve already shown you they don’t have that level of integrity by state by by saying, Hey, can you take shortcuts and charges a little less, they’re already telling you, they don’t have that level of the same level of integrity that you have. So at the end of the day, it’s best to just walk away from that situation of and I asked because I’ve had to do the same thing I’ve had to you know, if I just had to tell potential clients, you know, I can’t do this because it’s not going to sit right with me that you’re you’re using less secure options in your in your network and on your computers. Because when something bad does happen, it’s going to reflect on me as well. And I don’t want that to happen. And it’s going to be the same across every business if if you know, there’s a grocery store, not too far from where I lived recently that was on somebody shared images on Facebook. Some meat they brought their and let’s just say it wasn’t wasn’t a good, good picture at all. It was really low, low quality meat. There were some issues with it. I’ll just leave it at that. And so now this grocery store is having this has this reputation online in a local Facebook group. They’re there now because they probably took shortcuts, right? They probably either they didn’t clear out the meat that was expired, they bought too much meat or they bought a cheap from somewhere cheap. I don’t know why it was like the way it was. But they didn’t use they didn’t have the highest level of integrity. And it’s instead and this is a grocery store that charges more than most other grocery stores too. So they didn’t. They’re not using the best integrity in this situation. They’re not doing what’s right for them as a business and for their customers. And they’re going to lose customers because of it. And they’re you know Who knows at the end of the day, who knows what happens to that business. But this is not the right way to do things, if you’re compromising your integrity and the business’s integrity because it is going to reflect back at you at some point.

Yony Argueta 50:17
And you said the word reputation we have mentioned it before in our discussion today, and integrity and relationship to reputation. You know, it takes a good while to build your reputation as a new business owner. It takes a while to get the word out there that you starting a business that you’d often involved in services. It takes a while. We work with Google reviews a lot and and we encourage our contractors to to ask for reviews and and to do a good job to get good reviews because that that’s basically our online reputation in Google. Right. And a lot of consumers are always checking out Five stars. And a lot of people don’t want to settle for less. Just today. We were buying Actually, we were browsing, searching for a hoverboard for my daughter. She was a hoverboard. And guess why is the first thing with it? We look for the five star ratings for hoverboards. When you see three stars is in my case is a turned out. I’m not gonna even bother checking the reviews because as a three star, but that’s talking about reputation. Okay, you can build a good reputation. Like you said, Scott, it will take you a while it will. It will take hard work and a lot of different things. But it is worth it at the end of the day. But if you’re not careful, you can destroy their reputation in the blink of an eye.

Scott Gombar 51:54

Yony Argueta 51:56
That can be more painful than building It Up step by step.

Scott Gombar 52:03
It’s a you know, you just brought on another story to my mind a painting contractor, who, you know, he’s got the wraps on the trucks and everything so everybody knows who he is. And he’s driving. I was in Connecticut, I don’t know where he was driving, but he was driving somewhere he cut somebody off that person blew their horn and, and waved at them and he proceeded to give them the one finger salute. You know what I mean? That’s not a that’s not a high level of integrity. You made a mistake, Own your mistake, apologize for it and be done with it. You probably in doing so you probably actually create you take a negative and make it a positive in that scenario, you know, but now, I’ve heard the story. I wasn’t there. I didn’t witness it. But I’ve heard the story. I know who the painter is. I know the company is not even sure there. They’re operating anymore. But I don’t know that that put them out of business but at the same time, you’re not you’re not being a person of high integrity if you if this is your reaction and you said it, we said it at the beginning. Integrity is what you do when you think nobody’s looking well in this case if you could do this when people are looking imagine what you’re doing nobody’s looking. shine a light on it, and it’s probably not very good looking. But yeah, it does. You know, it’s, it’s, you have to assume that somebody’s always watching is really what it comes down to.

Yony Argueta 53:37
Absolutely. And you know, sometimes with a roofing company with get phone calls from homeowners and and they ask you do you need me to be there for you to come and look at a roof. And when they ask you that, do you need me to be there? They want to trust you. They want you to come because they want to trust in you. So even in the conversation, even in conversation over the phone. Some homeowners are able to tell if you are honest or not. And again, this goes back to character to who you are the way you carry yourself. I do pretended to be somebody. And honestly, that’s, that’s a very bad practice to pretend to have to be. And that’s what integrity you have to be who you are, you know what you know, and that that’s what you get. That’s who you are. And again, it doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. But if you’re not practicing integrity, if you’re not very well acquainted with it, it would be a good start today maybe to start changing some things to pause and and just, you know, examine your life examine the way you are doing things, how are you approaching business, how are you doing business out there? Because your reputation is at stake?

Scott Gombar 54:58
Right Yeah, all the time, all the time. So we are winding down here we have just over five minutes left. Johnny, I want to share again about our, our seminar and coming up. Yeah, I accidentally remove the Spanish version of the flyer from from our stream here, but I still have this one. So again next Saturday, a week from tomorrow, February 22. Near Springfield, mass, it’s 20 Highland as wilbraham, Massachusetts, the Home Improvement business owners seminar 2020. There’s our first one this year, but it is not our first one. We’ve done this. We’ve done this before. We share a lot of tips about business development, we share a lot of tips about lead generation. I even talked about some Google secrets that not everybody knows about Google. Johnny mentioned Google guarantee a little while ago. And that is one that not a lot of service businesses and they do work with, I don’t know 30 or 40 different types of business now. Not a lot of businesses are aware that it exists. And it’s a great, great tool to help you drive more business. But these are the types of things we’re going to be sharing next Saturday, a week from tomorrow 10am to 3pm, we actually will have lunch as well. And they’ll be some some light snacks throughout the day. Nothing too heavy, because we don’t want you to fall asleep on us. So, you know, we still have some slots available. So give us a call. I think the number here the numbers on on there, you can visit our website, there’s a big, I think it’s an orange button on the page that says hipps 2020. Just click on that you can register through there. You could give us a call, we’ll get you squared away and confirmed. i’m john, you want to share anything about that?

Yony Argueta 56:48
Well, since we’re getting close into end in this, I just want to read basically last two last sentences of my notes and this is concerning the benefits of integrity. I mean, at the end of the day, the person that benefits the most from the practice of integrity is the person who practice it.

Scott Gombar 57:12
That’s very good point. People are going to

Yony Argueta 57:15
get benefits as well. Because you are going to do things right. You are going to offer professional services with integrity. But at the end of the day, the biggest reward is going to be yours. your peace of mind, be healthy, is going to help you to stay mentally healthy. And that doesn’t have a price in my opinion.

Scott Gombar 57:39
Yes, you are 100% right. Yes, um, I liked that quote. It is it benefits you the most, to be of high integrity at all times, not just when you think people are watching but at all times. And it’s important it really is important to to To do that, in business and any personal life really is, and as I mess up everything right now. I’m trying to get it so that the flyer is bigger. But apparently that’s not going to happen. That’s all right. It really is important that we, we practice this at all times in business and in our personal lives. Because you wear it you wear it like you’re you’re wearing your shirt if you if you haven’t washed your clothes in a while, we can see that we can smell it too. I could smell it. We don’t want that. We don’t want it all. Honestly, rooftop marketing group. We don’t want to work with businesses that practice less than honest practices. I guess, you know, if they if they are the kind of business that says Yeah, well, we’ll take cash will cut a few corners will take cash from you. That’s great. We’ll do that. We don’t want to work with those businesses. We want to work with businesses that that do have high integrity and want to continue to grow that way. That’s right. And we know Believe it or not, I know some marketing companies don’t do this. Some do. We do pre qualify you. So if you’re, if you’re not going to be a good fit for us for whatever reason, we’re going to let you know that.

Yony Argueta 59:14
That’s for sure.

Scott Gombar 59:15
Yep. Any closing thoughts, Mr. Good?

Yony Argueta 59:20
Well, I just want to say that I’m integrities to think, to speak and act the same way when no one is watching you. I know it’s not easy to do, but it can be done. We can be honest. We can be good people. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect. We can do our best.

Scott Gombar 59:43
Right? Right. And at the end of the day, don’t you want to be the best that you can be? be all that you can be? Yeah, be good people do good for everybody. Do good for those that don’t even deserve good. Sometimes, you know we share all the time. As you can see, we will be back here next Friday, same time, same bat channel, same bat time. And we’re going to talk about one of the other four principles. We haven’t decided which one yet, but it’ll be there’s only two left was all about that. And by the way, this series isn’t going to end with the four principles. We’re going to continue on from there. We just wanted to start with four principles, just so we can, you can get to know us and we can get to know you. So we do hope you’ll join us next Friday at one o’clock here. And then next Saturday at 10am. in Springfield, Mass. If you’re in that area, we will be doing webinars based around the same topics, the same as the seminars in the near future, what we’re working on the details of that it will not be on Facebook, it’ll be private invite only. But those are all coming. We have a lot of good stuff coming. So make sure you come back and we will see you again. Next week. This I will upload this to everywhere I can upload it to Yani.

Yony Argueta 1:01:02
Well, yeah, we hope to see you next week.

Scott Gombar 1:01:05
Yeah. Next week. We’re gonna you’re gonna see a lot of us next week. Some of you will see a lot of us next week. All right. All right.

Yony Argueta 1:01:13
Have a good one, guys.

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