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Episode 1 RMG Live – Innovation in Business

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Episode 1 RMG Live – Innovation in Business

Can we talk about innovation in business? Of course, we can. If you’re not innovating you’re dying. Just look at Macy’s, Sears, and other recent failures. What went wrong? They didn’t innovate. We talk about different ways to innovate in business, especially service businesses. Innovation is also one of our 4 guiding principles. The first four episodes will be based on those which include Integrity, Excellence, and Creativity.



Scott Gombar 0:00
Computer gonna start acting up. Okay.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first RMG live on Facebook RMG, of course short for rooftop marketing group. I am Scott Gombar. I am the Chief, I call it chief growth officer at rooftop marketing. And with me is

Yony Argueta 0:21
Hello everyone. My name is Johnny I get. I’m also one of the owners of rooftop marketing group and my role in the companies to do business development to help contractors grow in different areas of their lives and also businesses.

Scott Gombar 0:40
Awesome. Awesome. We are of course here today we’ve we tried this a couple times, Johnny, we had some technical difficulties, but we’re here today. We’re live today on our rooftop marketing group Facebook page. So if you don’t know you go to slash rooftop marketing and we’re going Talk about innovation and business. But before we get to that, we want to tell you about our home improvement. You know, there’s the Spanish version, so I’ll let y’all let Jani read that one. Our seminar coming up on February 22. So two weeks from tomorrow.

Yony Argueta 1:17
Let me tell you a little bit about his partner just as a brief note, as soon Seminerio by contract or as his panels case tainted his house in any car or a circuit assessor negocios is Tara tomando. Luca and the Springfield Massachusetts element to don’t mean bank. It is the annual I just said, Scott that our upcoming seminar it would be February 22 2020. in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Scott Gombar 1:51
Yep, so here’s the notice to this is the English version, their home improvement business owners seminar. We call it Hibbs for short. Well, I call it hits. I don’t think anybody else is actually calling it hits but I call it hits for short. Ah ibps. So yes, you can still sign up we still have some spots available. You can call you can go to the website and do it the website of course scrolling at the bottom of your screen there. And sign up. Come join us you’ll learn all kinds of good stuff about how to build your, your service business, using the internet using good old fashioned marketing and learn some of the rules of doing business in your area. Yani you have any updates on your business and your other soul Yani owns your construction as well. I don’t know if you said that already.

Yony Argueta 2:44
I didn’t say that. Yeah, I’m the owner of construction which is a roofing company that offers both commercial and residential roofing services as well as siding. bills are the gutters and windows and you know concerning in Innovation. I think one of the keys for any contractor is to be able to adapt to the changes that are taking place in our society today. And one of those big changes is technology. Social media, for instance, which is what we are doing right now has grown so much in terms of doing business, just to set our little update. Towards the end of last year, we sold quite a few jobs via Facebook, believe it or not, we were contacted via messenger. And we send the quote via messenger as you can attach files. And that’s how we carried out a couple of proposals. We actually closed a couple of jobs via Facebook Messenger.

Scott Gombar 3:57
That’s awesome.

Awesome. Yeah. So we’re going to talk more about that you wanna you disappeared for a second. We’re going to talk more about innovation. We so I do have an update, I just scheduled a speaking engagement for March at the midstate chamber on how to protect yourself and your business on social media. So kind of ties into innovation. Of course, if you’re going to use those things, you have to know how to protect yourself and your business because artists out there so you have to be you have to be ready for that. So that’ll be March 19 at 7:45am and the just one of two addresses it’ll be so I’ll share that information when I when we finalize the address, but it’ll be in Meriden, Connecticut. Yeah, it’s awesome. I’m excited because there’s a lot to know about protecting yourself on social media.

Yony Argueta 4:50
Yeah, you have to know how to do that. Yes, that is for sure.

Scott Gombar 4:55
Yes, sir. Um, as I said earlier, today’s topic is innovate. In business, Jani mentioned it as well, this is going to our first four episodes will be around our four guiding principles that we have at rooftop marketing. So that’s integrity, excellence, creativity, and, and of course, today’s innovation. So the next episode will be one of the other three. But today we’re here to talk about innovation in how a lot of businesses don’t grow. And we see it all the time. So we saw that Macy’s is now closing a bunch of stores. And a lot of that is because of innovation. And then on the flip side of that is interesting. I saw this, saw someone share that. And we’re just using any businesses, not just service businesses, but we’ll get to the service business stuff in a moment. And so I saw that Wendy’s is now going to offer breakfast. And my first thought was, that’s not really an innovative because all the other fast food chains already do that. And you’re kind of late to the game at that point. And I think you need to figure out a way to innovate your business in order because I’m sure they’re doing it because really into some of the other fast food restaurants. And we’ve talked about this how McDonald’s and Taco Bell have kiosks now. And it’s they’re doing some more automation and things like that trying to improve service. Improve delivery. And Wendy’s is not doing that. So we’ve had this conversation before. Right Yani. Yes? Yeah, let’s talk about let’s talk about innovation in business.

Yony Argueta 6:23
And it’s interesting, going back to the example of McDonald’s. Yeah, sometimes I take my own kids there. And it is interesting how even the kids are drawn to that kids to data screen. And and you are able to basically place an order with details. You can customize your burger, you can customize your drink. And that’s something new and that’s what innovation means. One basic definition would be a new idea, a new method, or a new device. And that’s basically by the kiosk. Is is so Thing new, but at the same time is it’s just changing everything, you place your order to go sit, and they’ve been referred to. As simple as that.

Scott Gombar 7:09
Exactly. And then the flip side of that Wendy’s offering breakfast is not something new. It’s something that all the other chains already do. And, you know, they’re behind in some cases by decades, because some of them have been doing it for decades. So it’s not innovation. And you know, I don’t think it’s going to help them in In fact, it could end up hurting them by being late to the game because now you know, they’re offering a service, they’re going to have to pay for people to be there, they’re going to have to pay for the lights to be on in the in the grills and whatever else to be on, and they may not have the sales to support that. So that’s where that’s where you see businesses like Macy’s in like Sears closed last year and a bunch of other businesses that are going out of business because they’re refusing to innovate. And along those lines, you know, you mentioned social media, but let’s talk about innovation just in roofing We’ve had some conversations with with a potential partner with us for some some events, right? Yeah, there’s a there’s a new way to do roofing, especially here in the northeast where it gets cold, really cold in the winter with bad weather and really hot in the summer. So maybe you should maybe you could talk a little bit about that,

Yony Argueta 8:20
you know, and innovation in, in, in grow in the roofing business, for instance. Nowadays, we have a way to measure roofs via satellite. And when you think about it, in some cases, if you already have a client, and he’s just requesting extra services, they some clients have several properties. So you don’t even have to drive to the property. You can just measure the roof and you pay a very low amount of money to get the report. You save yourself a trip yourself yourself, time and a lot of stuff and you get a nice professional report. Basically the same amount of money because when you, when you are start talking about gas costs time investment, then when you round everything up, it will be even more to go to take a trip. So, you know, that’s innovation there, right, right in a practical way, you measure a roof with a satellite with an app, and you get a beautiful professional report that is very accurate. It gives you great pictures. So that’s a great tool that you can use and you can save yourself a lot of trips and time. It also gives yourself a better presentation with the customers. Another thing about innovation is that roofing products, they will continue to change gltf for example, they just dumb And now’s actually introduced a new shingle and they changing the channel because they tried to improve it. They tried to make it last longer. They’re trying to make the shingle out a better definition in terms of color. So, it is important for roofers to, to know what the latest products are. Because it at the end of the day, it will save you some money and it will save you time when it comes to installation.

Scott Gombar 10:19
Awesome. Yeah. So but that also goes to show. It doesn’t have to be a technology business to be in an innovative, you can be any business, any business can innovate. And it goes to show the importance where you know, not to not to put anybody down or say anybody doesn’t do their job well doing your job. Well, certainly part of being in business, in an important part of being in business. But if you don’t innovate, how you do your job, you know, if you don’t look at what you’re doing, and say, if we don’t change, we’re going to be out in the cold. We don’t change this, this and this, we’re going to be out in the cold. You’re you’re setting yourself up for failure and it may not be tomorrow, but eventually You’re going to be out in the cold and other businesses are going to pass you by. Yeah. So there’s also, we’ve talked about Metal Roofing, which which will be, especially here in the northeast will be a growing and I’ve seen it growing already. We’ve talked about, you know, in the northeast where there’s there are people getting solar panels, so you have to know how to work within around that. So you have to innovate

Yony Argueta 11:32
is correct.

Scott Gombar 11:33
Yep. So and so this is part of what we do. We do help businesses look for ways to innovate. Just not just on social media and, and social media is a big part of of business today. There’s no denying it. If you’re not utilizing social media, if you’re not using utilizing Google, you’re not getting your message out there. This is the way people want to be. They want to be be communicated to through those channels through social media through Google through and you’re going to see more innovation voice search for you know, you have, I don’t want to say the word because then mine will go off, but the Amazon version of voice voice search, and then Google has their version. And of course, iPhone had Siri for a while. Siri didn’t innovate. So less less people are using Siri. Microsoft was late to the game. So less and less people are using Microsoft’s version. And as a matter of fact, I disabled that on my computers. And I have the Amazon version all over the house and can’t say the word because it’ll, it’ll turn on and start listening and put on you know, these are ways so that’s how we have to innovate, we have to say, okay, people might search for this on Amazon or on Google Home and good, they don’t provide 10 results that provide one result. So on innovation in how people search people Don’t search in they don’t always go on Google and say I need a roofer. They go on Google and say, What do I do if I have a leak in my roof? Right? Right. So you have to get in the head of of your audience, your client, your potential clients and search. And then Google now has Google. Google guarantee which which your ghetto uses, right? This is innovation. This is innovation because a couple years ago, it wasn’t there. It just came out. I would say when this guy like a year ago, I think they initially started about two years ago with a couple of business types. locksmiths was one of them. I don’t remember what the other one was. And they’ve now expanded to probably 30 to 40 Industries on roofing being one of them.

Yony Argueta 13:49
Yep, yeah. And like you said, we we have just and it has been very efficient. The least that they give you are very good and they’re the cause of reasonable, it is actually $35 per lead. And at the end of the day when you make your numbers is a very reasonable cost for a nice lead. And obviously, as everything else conversion is up to the salesperson,

Scott Gombar 14:18
right. So that’s an important point, though, because it’s a warm lead. It’s not. It’s not just a number that they’re given to 20 different roofers, they’re giving it to you to follow up to call what actually does so the client calls you directly from the from the ad, so that you are speaking directly to the client. And at that point, like you said, it’s yours to to sell or lose.

Yony Argueta 14:38
Yep, yeah. is totally different than other lead generation. Right methods. Yeah. Right. That is very effective. And you know, I just want to touch on something you said. You mentioned the, the social media and social media, as mentioned before, is big. But when it comes to finding roofers nowadays, the no Bit of towns that have Facebook pages, a lot of people are relying more and more on social media recommendations, right. And this is innovation, you have to have a presentable updated page on Facebook. That way people can actually look at your profile, look at your pictures, and look at who you are as a company. And they will find something that is, through innovation you you will get is trust. They want to trust you. But in order for them to trust you, they need to, to have some proof like a Facebook page, which is big a website, you have to have some Google reviews. And when you add all those elements, then I would say the byproduct is trust. From a consumer perspective,

Scott Gombar 15:53
that’s a good point, you do build a certain level of trust. So let’s start with the Facebook groups. So there are Facebook groups. every town has at least one. Many of them have multiple groups. So in Meriden, there’s at least four that I know of. Yep. And then you see people look for recommendations for all different types of businesses all the time. For some reason pizza is asked all the time. I don’t know why. But they asked, you know, they’ll ask for insurance care, insurance desk, car insurance, Best Roofer best electrician best Computer Repair, they’ll ask for all of these things in these groups, and they’re looking for recommendations. Now they’re not just going to take the recommendations. They’re now going to look at the business’s Facebook page, like you said businesses, Google reviews, do they have decent reviews, you know, if if all your reviews are ones and twos, you’re not? You’re not setting a good first impression. Do they have pictures of their work? Do they have a website? Do they have read maybe reviews on the website? Do they have Do they have pictures of At least the owner or the management something on that website or on on the internet, because if I look at a website, and I see a picture of you and then some other person shows up at my door that I’m not, you know, in they say they’re you, you know right there. That’s that’s not a good level of trust. But that’s also part of innovation that’s you know that you’re utilizing things you’re using utilizing technology to grow your business. And it’s sad to say, but I do believe a lot of service type businesses roofers, electricians, plumbers, things like that didn’t painters, they don’t believe they need to do that. And the ones that do do it do quite well with it, because there’s not as many you know, I we had a conversation about how many roofers there are just in Meriden. We had this conversation earlier this week. And I didn’t realize there was as many as their work But why didn’t I realize it because they don’t have websites because they didn’t they don’t have Facebook pages. They don’t have a presence on the internet. Yeah. Yeah, they’re relying on old school marketing which in some instances old school marketing still works so direct. Yeah. Yeah. So direct mail is is is actually making a comeback because we don’t get as much mail as we used to. But if you’re not on the internet where people can research you, you’re doing your your business a disservice. It

Yony Argueta 18:23
Yeah, I totally agree. Like you said, we are not discouraging anyone to stop doing like mailing direct mailing postcards, right. Even depending on the on the service, you offer door knocking if you do it, right, because nowadays, there’s a very high level of skepticism about a person approaching your door. Why because packages are disappearing. More and more people are putting surveillance in their homes because of the same issue. A lot of vehicles have been stolen. So then door knocking just hasn’t been very affected, but also Is it because of what’s going on in our society. skepticism is growing about people showing up to your door.

Scott Gombar 19:10
That’s very true.

Yony Argueta 19:12
So that’s why we encourage people to just embrace I think the word embrace, to embrace change. Change is basically unavoidable. It will continue to change, everything will continue to change technology will continue to advance. Do you remember when the flip phones came out? There was the walkie talkies? That was the greatest thing ever. So yeah. Right. And then all of a sudden, you have an iPod, and then the Walkman, so it doesn’t matter how popular your Walkman was. Then that became outdated right on the spot and everybody wanted a digital music on the iPod. They moved over then we had the GPS We have the iPhone that basically or the androids, for that matter, that basically have everything in one thing. You have the basically the iPad, the GPS, the phone and everything in one package. And and even today, you see some people that don’t like smartphones? I understand. But I would say that 95 95% of people have a smartphone. And guess what? through your smartphone. Now, I would say what do you think the percentage is? In terms of search of searching for business services? It’s more than more than 50% to it from a smartphone now.

Scott Gombar 20:43
More than really, yeah, I don’t know the number off the top my head but I know it’s more than half

Yony Argueta 20:49
it will be more than 50%. Right? Yep. And obviously, I would say that if if you start categorizing by age, by age brackets, if you Go from Jonah adults all the way up all the way down to youth to teenagers, whatever they are looking for, it will be like 90% if not hundred percent of these age bracket will do it on the phone.

Scott Gombar 21:16
Yeah, yeah, those are good points. And so the millennial generation has had, I think the last year of the millennial generation is now 18. So they’re all adults. Some of them are buying homes now. Some of them have condos and so they need services, Home Improvement services. They have cars so they need car services they have you know, all of these things where where service industry people,

sadly, the

the United States population as a whole, there is a shortage of service industry, people, everything plumbers, electricians, roofers, there is a shortage there. There. There is no, we’re not really there’s not really a focus on people. Going into the trades these days, and as a result, the trade trades people in general are older, you know, Generation X or, or boomers and they’re a little more reluctant to use technology to to promote their businesses, market their businesses, get the name get their branding out there in we will have an episode on branding at some point because that is extremely important. But they’re, they’re reluctant to do these things in they are hurting themselves because there’s a shortage. It’s hard, you know, even landscapers saw us landscape prison example. And there’s a lot of landscapers in Meriden, too, but I put out feelers on Facebook on the Facebook group and American group looking for landscaper and last early late last spring, I believe in got a bunch of responses which is great. Most of them did not have much of an internet presence. Not much of a Facebook presence the few that did I reached out to and then then there’s a different problem there’s the follow through they don’t they don’t come to your house or they don’t want to do take, take your house as a client for whatever for various reasons. So I never actually found a landscaper but in big part, there’s probably landscapers out there that just never that aren’t on Facebook. So they weren’t even aware that somebody was looking for a landscaper. The flip side of that is is when we when there’s snow coming, I will see some landscapers actually post in those same Facebook groups saying hey, if you need your your driveway plowed, let us know we can we can take on a few more clients. And so now they’re using technology to their advantage and innovating. They’re innovating. They’re putting their sums up their selves out there. And those are at the end of the day. We haven’t gotten much snow this year Yani but at the end of the day, those are the ones that are going to grow their business as long as they’re keeping up their ended up As long as they’re going out and doing the job they say they’re going to do.

Yony Argueta 24:03
Yeah, I mean, like you basically implied in everything you said, it is key to be found in this in the middle of these media, social media era, you have to be found in there. You have to have a presence. And again, people asking for recommendations, there is a big difference. Like for instance, when we have been recommended a few times through these groups, when they are asking for referrals for roofing companies or siding companies, and and whoever recommends us they basically attach our page to get our construction. And it makes a big difference because if people click on that link, it opens up a page that contains a website, pictures, a phone number, and a whole bunch more of information as opposed to just saying Call this person and then a phone number, just to have some skepticism because you’re calling somebody you don’t know, you don’t know if he has insurance, you don’t know if he has a license. You don’t know how he does business. Now, when you open up a page, the page is actually exposing the company to, to some extent is being more transparent. Because just giving more information, you’re given the address of your location, you’re given your number, you’re given your fax number. And that brings again, that creates, to some extent, some amount of trust, confidence in the consumer.

Scott Gombar 25:40
Yeah, and that’s important to trust. At the end of the day, trust is key. You build trust differently now than you did 20 years ago. So you have to know how to build that trust now. versus 20 years ago, if you’re using methods from 20 years ago, you’re not again, not to not over stated but you’re not innovating. And you know, you mentioned something else that’s important to you, you mentioned that you open up that Facebook page, and you’re going to see information there. And if they get to a Facebook page that’s very seldomly utilized and doesn’t have let’s say, their logo or an image of the owner or you know, maybe picture of the trucks they have or whatever you’re seeing a business that’s not in their minds they’re seeing a business is not active. You know, I know with your gutter you guys post pictures of jobs you do all the time. Yeah, and actually those pictures get a lot of traction because you get a few of few people you know that like or share those pictures or comment on those pictures. And those pictures end up going all over Facebook and people see them and say okay, this is you know, you’re building you’re building a brand and there’s a the numbers change all the time, but there’s a saying and marketing something old lines, it takes like 10 or 12 touches before somebody will even pick up the phone and call you. And in some cases, that’s true. Sometimes they’ll just Google or search Facebook or ask for a recommendation on Facebook and based on the number of recommendations in your image on on on the internet, they’ll call but sometimes Yes, they need to see it repeatedly before they say okay, I’ll go with your gut or construction or I’ll go with, you know, Johnny’s painting or you know, whatever it is, whatever the case is, right? And and you’re you’re subliminally sending a message to them by them seeing this information. Maybe I don’t need a roof today, maybe I will need a roof in five years and I’ll say, Oh, I know someone because I’ve seen their their work. Multiple.

Yony Argueta 27:43
Scott, aside from the recommendation from the group, let’s say from the Meriden group, when you go to the company’s page, that there is also a place for people who have had services done by the company to build You also find reviews on on on company’s Facebook. Facebook pages basically you can see like we have I believe 50 recommendations by now. So like some people have written nice reviews on us on our Facebook page,

Scott Gombar 28:19

Yony Argueta 28:20
the right there and did you have reviews? Do you have actual people that have actual profiles that wrote something on your page that is legit, that is very legit. You can click on the profile of the person that wrote it. You can even inquire from the person and you have a great free referral right there.

Scott Gombar 28:38
Yeah. And so that’s that’s a good point too. You don’t want to fake reviews. You can you can sniff them out really, really easily because you’ll see there’s no reviews for a long period time period and then all of a sudden they have like 20 reviews in a 24 hour window and you know those are fake. With with a good business. You’ll see reviews Over a period of time, you know, obviously, if you’re a roofing company, you’re not doing 20 roofs in the same week, unless you’re, you know, you’d have to be a massive roofing company to do that. In it, if you see a bunch of reviews all at the same time, something doesn’t smell right. And then also something to keep in mind with reviews. Occasionally, somebody, you can’t please everybody, somebody will, may be dissatisfied. And we all know that when you’re just upset when people are dissatisfied with a service or product, they’re more likely to take to the internet and review it. So it is, it should be expected that there will be one or two bad reviews mixed in with 20 or 30. good reviews. If you don’t see that then I mean, not to say that that not everybody can not some businesses might have all great reviews, but some and then there’s even some people that think a one star review is the best kind of review so they may mess up and give you a one star but then you Read the actual review. And they’re like, Oh, this company is great. And so there’s all different variations on that. So you can you always can, you can almost always tell when the reviews are fake. Yes. It’s not something you want to fake. And you can also, you know, something to keep in mind is that people don’t just review on Google or Facebook dig, there are a ton of places there’s, you know, Yelp is another place. There are a ton of places on the internet where you can leave reviews for a business, they may have reviews on their website, the Better Business Bureau so it don’t, you know, look around to see what else is out there. And keep in mind that if they only have two reviews on Facebook, that doesn’t mean they don’t have reviews somewhere else. Something else to look like and you and you can see you almost always the chance of Facebook reviews or two stars then Google’s probably two stars as well. Or Yelp is probably two stars. So there’s usually it’s usually the same across the board. Yeah, we got off topic but you know, reviews So that’s actually it is in a way innovation, right? So we have, you know, on maybe well know for sure 10 years ago, reviews were not on the internet, we’re not relevant. Five years ago, maybe it was in its infancy. So now it’s a big thing.

Yony Argueta 31:17
It is a big thing. It is actually the digital word of mouth. Right? You can call it that way. Right? digital word of mouth right there. But like you said, people will be able to tell if it is legit. Or if it is not as simple as that. And again, when you connect all the dots, like when you do your homework, and this also goes out for homeowners. You go to Facebook, you go to Google, you go to Yelp, to the BBB, you will do all those even to the company’s website and you compare the reviews you will be able to tell the legitimacy of the whole thing and that will help. Again going back to trusting innovation. It will create this amount of trust and confidence even to just make the first phone call because some people before calling out do their homework

a lot of people actually

not some people, a lot of people Yup, they look they look you up and they say, you know what, this this company’s this looks a little fishy to me, his website or these reviews, you know, I better call this this other company. So you can lose a lot of business, like you said is Scott. Yep. If you’re missing out on this information on these changes that are taking place, how the industry out marketing is taking is changing. Technology, social media, the way things are done now, if you miss out on these, you’re definitely going to lose business.

Scott Gombar 32:50
Yep, hundred percent agree. And then the flip side of that is if you are a homeowner or a business owner, who needs those services, do your homework. Don’t just trust the first thing that comes through. Or do your homework, make sure they are trustworthy, make sure they are they do have the insurance in the license. The business owners, those that are that require a license, their license information should be on their website. Not really a way to share your insurance information on a website except to say that you do have insurance, but you can verify that insurance when they show up at your home or business. So definitely do your homework because, you know, let’s just take insurance as an example, if the if contractors at your house, and they don’t have insurance and they get hurt, your insurance is on the hook. And it’s not a fun process. So it’s not something you want to put yourself at risk for. So do your homework. But again, that’s innovation, right? In a sense, you know, I was thinking we to form an LLC, not even that long in Connecticut was only a few years ago, maybe two years ago. It was a big process. It was a really big Process today. If it’s a single member or two member LLC, it’s really an easy process. You go on the State’s website, you you fill in a couple of blanks you pay them and it’s done in and that’s innovation.

Yony Argueta 34:14
That’s innovation and you know what is good. The same is true about permits, we have to build permits to replace roofs and we always do. And for homeowners make sure that the contractor pulls a permit and that you have a permit and the permit disclose in the town of Newington where we are located Actually, we have great advantage when it comes to permits, we can go on their web, you apply for the permit online, and and they approve it right away online. So like in in five minutes, you have a permit. Nice, you don’t have to go to the town anymore. In some towns, you still have to go because they haven’t updated and it goes down, comes down again to innovation. They haven’t innovated, they haven’t made the change in your window. They they did and and it’s so much easier than before. You don’t have to take that trip. You don’t have to fill out a whole bunch of hardcopy papers anymore to just do it online. And it’s really quick, they’re effective, you bail line and it’s done.

Scott Gombar 35:22
So you’re saving your yourself, probably a few hours of work that you end and so you have to spend a few hours to go do that. A few hours that you could be on a job site or a few hours, you could be doing something in your business.

That’s actually saving you a lot of money.

Yony Argueta 35:42
It is actually saving you time and money

Scott Gombar 35:44
and money and I miss money, right? That’s been in business if you have to take a few hours out of your business day to go fill out paperwork at the local town hall. That’s Time Time is money at that point, you know, that’s in so that’s innovation. Like you said, and these are ways that in business you you should be able to innovate you can, you know, there’s, like you said, there’s, there’s easier ways to to measure the roof and get an estimate quicker to the homeowner or the business owner. There’s now we have drones so you can go up and take pictures with a drone. And they’re becoming more and more popular now. Yes, um, by the way, don’t fly a drone without a license. You do need to get a license, but I believe it’s only like $5 or $15. It’s not much so

Yony Argueta 36:32
a simple, cheap. Yeah,

Scott Gombar 36:34
yeah. So it’s, you know, it’s not like you, you’re going to be out $1,000 or anything, it’s pretty affordable. But you do need a license, but that’s what you know, not just roofers, realtors are doing it they fled. They’ll take a drone up and take a picture of the whole property so that they can use that in their, in their sales process. Let’s see. landscapers will do that. Insurance companies will do that. You know, so it’s, but that’s innovation. Drones are very affordable there. There’s some people that are actually creating drones with a 3d printer now. Yep. And so, again, that’s innovation instead of going out and buying a drone, you get the you get the schematics and you print it out with a 3d printer. Innovation now to not because of technology moves really fast. So you do have to stay


Yony Argueta 37:30
Absolutely. And I believe we actually emphasize in targeting construction or companies as of this moment, but I think the the innovation thing goes goes out to any organization, right? Any type of organization at some point has to embrace innovation has to adapt, to change in order to thrive. If it doesn’t happen, like you said, you’re going to fall behind and You gotta start losing ground. Right?

Scott Gombar 38:03
Right. And that’s, that’s the key. If you’re if you’re not innovating, you’re dying, essentially, your business is dying. And Macy’s is seeing that now, Sears just saw that last year, all these businesses, you know, another example. So I know Macy’s and Sears and all these businesses, they look at Amazon and say Amazon is is what did this to us. You know, Walmart could say the same thing. But Walmart didn’t just sit back and wait. And they made some changes on delivery services becoming even more and more important. So these restaurants now, so that’s another that’s another way of innovation. So nobody wants to everybody wants everything to be delivered to their home. Yeah. So we have these apps now you have Uber, Uber Eats and doordash and a few others out there. You can order from any restaurant and have it delivered to your home now.

Yony Argueta 38:54
It is growing and growing. My sister in law in NY Massachusetts. She owns an ice cream place and she’s just in the service


Oh, yes, they’re delivering an ice cream. So you can see that I mean, you have to embrace as business owners, we have to embrace innovation. This will continue to grow, this will continue to change and we just have to keep you informed. And not only informed but also open, we have to have an open mind to what’s going on. We have to allow ourselves some time to to process these. And we have to make this you know, we have to make changes.

Scott Gombar 39:37
Continuous education. Yes, sir. Yes. Yes. So if the powers that be in your business are not continually educating themselves on what, what’s out there, and what can what processes can be improved and what marketing methods can be improved, you know, as an example, we for Google, we used to focus on Key keywords, meta keywords. We don’t do that anymore. That’s gone. But a lot of a lot of marketers still do it. It’s it doesn’t hurt you, but it doesn’t help you. And it’s a waste of time at that point. Yeah. If you don’t know what Google’s looking for today, then you’re not innovating. And Google today wants to know that people want to come to your site, that site is relevant to what they went there for. So they’re looking at things like how long are they spending on your website? What are they doing on your website? They’re not looking at Do you have the right keywords on your website anymore? That’s got, there’s still keywords are still a part of it, but it’s not the way it used to be. And so you have to know that things change. And I see I know I saw, I saw a company rare in Meriden, their website was built with software that doesn’t even exist anymore. The so the websites at least 20 years old, hasn’t been touched in 20 years. That’s not innovating. You know, you have to you have to do the updates. You have to Provide what, what people ultimately Google wants what people want. So if people want it, then you need to do it.

Yony Argueta 41:08
And when it comes to innovating, you know, I understand that small businesses sometimes don’t have the means to start doing all these things all of a sudden, but our Facebook page is free. You can upload your pictures and put your information and it’s free. And if you want to run a Facebook ad, you can advertise yourself a lot cheaper and that you can do with other you know companies. So is a good start is baby steps but just trying to do something. Also if if landscaping for example, or a painter that are just beginning their company, it is very important to build a website you can start with something basic and then join it or link it to the Facebook and you already have something to back yourself up. A lot of times when I go out to see jobs leads that we get through our services. People, you know, get my business car, then they go back inside the house, I measured the roof or I look at the siding, or whatever the call is for. And then they come out and tell me you have great reviews on your website. Do you have great reviews in Google? When they already called us on Google because of the review, but they go check our website again. And then they convert the logo of the website with the logo of our truck with the logo on my shirt, with the logo of my business card and they connect the dots and again, it builds trust right on the spot. And and you know, sometimes we get hired not because we are the cheaper but because we are the most trustworthy.

Scott Gombar 42:52
perceived value. They’re getting perceived value because now they’re trusting you which is important. And and they know Know that you’re going to do it right based on just on the information on the internet, they know you’re going to do the job, right, which is also important. And ultimately that saves money in the long run anyway.

Yeah, so you know, those, those are important aspects.

Yeah, it’s good.

Yony Argueta 43:18
We can we give I mentioned a couple. But can you think of more? I mentioned that the first steps for some small businesses, you know, and I’m just randomly choosing services like landscapers or painters, roofers, my opinion, build your Facebook page, invest some money in a basic to start a basic website. Can you think of something else that we can recommend for small businesses in order to have a better presence in today’s technological era?

Scott Gombar 43:52
Yeah, one of the most important ones, in my opinion is the Google My Business Page. Because on the Google one You search Google and most of us have gone to Google to search for something. When you search Google, the way the page is currently laid out, they have the ads at the top. And if if Google guarantees an option that’s actually even higher up than ad. So let’s take roofers as an example. painters don’t have painters are not eligible for Google guarantee yet, I’m sure they will be at some point. But Google guarantee is at the top, then the regular Google ads, then you have the Google map pack, and that’s Google My Business. And that’s free to set up. So you just go in, you fill it fill out some information about your business. So it’s basic stuff, like what is the business, the website, the phone number, the address all that they will then most likely, occasionally you’ll you’ll get lucky and be able to verify by phone, but most of the time is postcard. You’ll get the postcard within a few business days. You put the pin number and now your listing is live on Google. And it’s that second or third spot depending on what the business type is. And then below that is the organic results. Now Imagine for a minute Yani, if you have Google guarantee, and then you’re running an ad on top of that, and then you’re in the map pack, and now you’re on your coordinates. So now we’ve seen your business at least four times on the same page on the same page. And so now in the Google Map, by the way, so if your business is list, if your business is getting Reviews on Google, that’s where the reviews are going to be. Show, see the stars and then you could click on it and review and read the reviews. So that setting up Google My Business, just go to google. com slash my business and set that up. That is great, completely free. And I would even go a little further than that, depending on the business and how important it is. But you can set up your business on Yelp, you can set it up on MapQuest you can set it up on Apple Maps you can set up and all those are free to set up. Yes, they do have advertising you know, Google has ads. Other ones have ads, but you don’t have to do the ads. If budget is a concern. Go Know, it’s important to be smart. And that’s what we, when we sit down with a business owner will say, you know, your budget, if your budget is blank, then this is what you need to focus will say this is the most important thing to focus on based on your budget, and based on your business needs. If they can afford anything except Google My Business and Facebook page, then absolutely will tell them go do this, because it’s not gonna cost you anything. Set it up. Make sure you’re active with it.

Yony Argueta 46:26
Yeah, yeah. And it will make a difference, believe it or

Scott Gombar 46:28
not, yes, sir. Well, you said be

Yony Argueta 46:30
found on Google Maps, Facebook, and on Google Maps, and that that page that you mentioned, actually, the first page of Google, you can put your website if you have, you can put your website and they can click on your website, you can put your phone number to write and they can call you.

Scott Gombar 46:47
And it

Yony Argueta 46:49
is a great

Scott Gombar 46:50
free tool. Google and we mentioned earlier that half more than half of searches are done on a smartphone now. And if they searched You, they search for your business type and you come up and you have to Google My Business app on your phone, they can message your directly on your phone, they don’t even have to see your phone number, they can message you directly on your phone. And if you’re not there, they’re messaging someone else.

Yony Argueta 47:16
And you know what, and that’s the app that up does relatively new

Scott Gombar 47:23
to the app. The service itself isn’t new. It used to be done through text and now it’s now it’s through the app and that’s

Yony Argueta 47:30
not me. We have had a lot of requests via that tool. Nice. We’ll send you a message again, they don’t even want to bother because that’s changing to a lot of people are more private. The the the market is becoming very private, and they don’t want to send a message or a text message to you. So when you have these these tools, you have this disservice that is free. They can send a text message to your phone basically to the up, and you can correspond with them, you can make an appointment, it is a great tool, again, it is a great tool, and things are changing. We have we are seeing more and more people inquiring or asking for appointments or asking questions through this through through these up.

Scott Gombar 48:20
Right. Yep, that and Facebook, the Facebook Messenger. You know, a couple of years ago, I used to completely ignore Facebook Messenger and tell people if you want to talk to me text or call now I do, I might communicate more through Facebook Messenger than anything else at this point.

Yony Argueta 48:35
I agree. And

Scott Gombar 48:38
it’s, you know, it’s that’s how people want to communicate. So you have to meet them where they are. They don’t most a lot of people do not want to make phone calls anymore. A lot of people would prefer to to message or email, you know, something that doesn’t require a note for whatever reason, dialing the phone, but that’s what they want. So you have to meet them where you are, and that’s part of innovation, meeting people where they are, you know, five years from now. I might be completely different five years from now Who knows?

Yony Argueta 49:04
Things will continue to change. And you do actually said it twice, two keywords, you gotta actually a few words. You have to meet them where they are. In other words, I mean, business owners, they had to adapt to what’s going on, you have to be able to adapt to this new way of communication. It’s not even taking place on the phone. Is is via Facebook Messenger. Can you imagine that? Is that you just texting basically back and forth with a potential client?

Scott Gombar 49:41
Yep, you are 100% accurate. You know, I should have mentioned this earlier. I forgot. You guys are more than welcome to ask questions. We can answer questions if you have them. We should have said that earlier Yani But hey, I agree. Our first run we’ll get it right Don’t worry. Well, we have

Yony Argueta 49:57
10 I think 11 minutes.

Scott Gombar 50:01
I’ll turn here

Yony Argueta 50:03
till the end of this podcast and yeah, yeah, any question is welcome.

Scott Gombar 50:09
And if you if you missed part of this or all of this, it will be uploaded to Facebook to YouTube to a whole bunch of different places on our website rooftop marketing group. com. So if you missed it and you want to hear it again or if you if you didn’t miss it, you want to hear it again. You know, go check that out. Just a reminder, we again we are having our we’ve done this a few times. Now we have our home improvement Business Builders seminar coming up in two weeks from tomorrow, in Springfield mass. So if you want to, if you want to join us there, just give us a call. In Oh, I can never remember our phone number i think is 833384. I’m trying to do it from memory hang on 83334 because I can’t see it on there.

I’ll tell you right now

Yony Argueta 51:01
is only show it thought of the information

Scott Gombar 51:06
83334 I know it’s a 333 the top. That’s right. Um, 833343867 there we go 3867. So if you want to call and reserve your spot, I don’t. It is a little limited. We don’t have, you know, unlimited seats. So you’ll want to get on that right away. Or you cannot just go to our website and on the top right of the page, there is an orange button that says Hibbs, H ibps 2020. You can click that and fill out your information and we will get you squared away. Beyond that, again, I said we do have a few a few people watching so if you have questions, feel free. Anything related to business in general marketing, Google. I am I’m a Google certified partner. So I, I you know, I don’t not to toot my own horn I know I’m you know, I’m pretty modest person. But there’s a lot of SEOs out there that believe things should be done certain ways. And I don’t follow any of their methods completely some some of what they say I agree with some of what they say I don’t agree with. To me at the end of the day, it’s about engagement on your website. So if you have questions on how I drive traffic and drive the right people to your website, because anybody can drive a million visits, your website is not hard at all. But I want to drive to people that will actually do business with you to your website. So, you know, if you’re a plumber in Central Connecticut, you’re not interested in people coming to your website from California because it’s not going to help you. So that’s the way I do it. I do things and that’s how we do it at rooftop and we do some other stuff too, but we won’t talk about that. Right now. You want to learn about what we do come to our seminar. How’s that for a plug?

Any questions about innovation from anybody?

We do have a fit. So always

Yony Argueta 53:08
do us get a Spanish.

Spanish as well.

Scott Gombar 53:13
There you go.

Yony Argueta 53:15
In espanol, I’m learning Spanish on you. I’m innovative, you are doing a great job, you are innovating, you are embracing change, and it is a Hispanic population is

Scott Gombar 53:25
growing is booming. Yes, it is.

Yony Argueta 53:27
Yes, it is. And, you know, just throwing another tip that we already touched on. But you know, if I mean don’t be afraid to take risks, and this is to business owners that are beginning. I want to read something to you really quick. It says that companies that prospered during times of economic, social and technological restructuring, have had four crucial elements and I’m just gonna read the one that basically it goes along with the topic. That we’re discussing today. They were risk takers. They understood how to take the kind of risks that allow them to adapt. It’s hard sometimes to change is hard to take risks. But it is necessary in today’s market. We have to be able to take those risks. And maybe I raise, maybe just start a Facebook page. Maybe you don’t like Facebook, but guess what? Take a risk, give it a try. list your your business on Google Maps. And you will see a difference you will see a difference that is for sure.

Scott Gombar 54:41
Yeah. Yes, that is spot on.

You know, and I agree. You know, Facebook is not for everybody. Even if you create a Facebook page, you don’t have to interact on a your cell phone, Facebook, just interact as your business. Hundred percent agree that Facebook is not for everybody. There’s other social media platforms to you can use to get your name out there but I would recommend for most business especially business to consumer type businesses, so plumbers, electricians, roofers, painters, all those things that do a home repair. Facebook is important. You’re not going to get as much business from LinkedIn for that type for that for business to consumer b2c, you’re not going to get it from LinkedIn, Facebook, you will,

you know, more innovation would be

using Instagram. Yeah, you know, Instagram is is a visual platform, and in some respects, it’s a little limiting. But in some respects it is. It’s important because it’s it is visual and all of those businesses are listed, believe it or not. They are visual businesses, right? If you’re doing plumbing work, and I follow plumbers and electricians and all those things on Instagram, if you’re doing some plumbing, maybe You go to a site in and by the way, I’m not anywhere near a plumber. So I’m probably going to not speak technically correctly. But you know, maybe the they’re using old, old piping or they didn’t do it right or something you take pictures of before and after this is something you shared on Instagram. And this is something people will see and say, Wow, okay, this is this is the kind of service I need. You know, it’s not, it’s a lot of people believe you need to be the cheapest and it’s not about cheapest, it’s about having the perceived value. If you have if your perceived value is better than the next guy, then you’re doing better than the next guy. And Instagram is a great way. A lot of businesses balk at it, but Instagram is a great way to show that perceived value.

Yony Argueta 56:51
Yeah, and you said something key again, I believe that our culture is image driven today. It is about an image it is about a brand. It is about a logo. Starbucks, for example, once you see the Starbucks thing, I mean, you have no idea how many people are drawn to Starbucks. Even though if you do a comparison between the Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in terms of cost, there’s a big difference right there. But you still see those Starbucks packed, and you see people holding cards with the logo of the Starbucks. That’s a brand. You know, that’s a brand, right? That is


Scott Gombar 57:33
No, Starbucks is worldwide. dunkin donuts. If you’re outside of the East Coast, you don’t know what Dunkin Donuts is. And so that is that is brand driven and new. And there was a lot of innovation, especially in the early parts of Starbucks development, and they still try to innovate even today.

Yony Argueta 57:50
Yes, Yes, they are. Yep.

Scott Gombar 57:53
That’s good stuff in those good points, very valid points. So innovation is not just technical stuff. Not just Technology, you know, it’s not just online stuff, it’s every aspect of your business. Maybe your your bookkeeping isn’t as innovative if you’re still using, you know, graphpad. That’s how I learned accounting. If you still use a graphpad to do your bookkeeping, or if you even if you’re still using Excel to do your bookkeeping, it’s time to look at other other ways to do it, because there’s much more efficient and innovative ways to do it. And in every aspect of your business, there’s going to be ways you can innovate.

Yony Argueta 58:32
Yes, yes, I agree. We’re down to the last three actually last two minutes of Scott. Yes.

I believe it has been a great discussion.

And again, if someone couldn’t be part of this because of the timing, you said, we are going to put it up on our Facebook page.

Scott Gombar 58:55
It’ll be up actually up on Facebook immediately because I don’t have to do anything for it to be on Facebook. book. And we will, I will then take it and upload it to YouTube. Maybe I can get some bits and pieces and put it on Instagram. On our website, it’ll definitely be on our website at some point today. So there’ll be lots of options to go and watch it. I’ll even get it transcribed. We have a transcription service, which is some innovation. They’re always innovating, right. So so all those will be available pretty much anywhere you can look for it on we will eventually as we get a few episodes will get it all uploaded to Apple and Google podcasts. It’ll be everywhere.

Yony Argueta 59:39
Sounds great. Sounds great. Well, it’s been

great to be here, Scott. Yesterday forward to meeting those folks out there. Yes, sir. Watching.

Scott Gombar 59:49
Yes, sir. Don’t forget our home improvement booth, Business Builders seminar. Hips, it’s easier for me to say hips.

Yony Argueta 59:57
I like it.

Scott Gombar 59:58
February 22, two weeks from Tomorrow in Springfield short drive from where we are in Central Connecticut. I think it’s not even 45 minutes. So hopefully we’ll see you there. If not, we will schedule I will. We will schedule another one of these very soon. It’ll be one of our four principles again. So we look forward to seeing you then.

Thank you Jani. Thank you, Scott.

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