Directory Listing Service and Review Management for Home Repair Businesses

Did you know there are hundreds of directory listing sites on the internet?

Did you know not having accurate information on directory listing sites can impact your SEO?

Did you know that customers may be reviewing your business or asking questions without you being aware of it?

Rooftop Marketing Group’s innovative platform is able to add your business to the most popular directory listing sites, manage those listings, update them as required and even respond to reviews.

And that’s not all.  We also monitor keyword rankings with our platform.

But wait, there’s more!  You’ll also be able to see all the information in an easy to use dashboard.  See analytics for top listing sites, reviews and everything we see.  You’ll never be in the dark about your online listings and reviews.

You’ll also receive reports outlining your business’ online activities.  Rooftop Marketing Group takes the guesswork out of directory listings and reviews.

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    We Partner With the Best Service Businesses

    Rooftop Marketing partners with only the best service businesses.  Your business should strive to maintain an excellent record of client satisfaction.  Your business reputation should be of the utmost importance to you.

    Poor business reviews impact RMG’s ability to generate high-quality leads for your business.  We closely monitor brand mentions and reviews for our business partners.  We are unable to partner with service businesses that consistently receive poor reviews and customer complaints.

    If poor reviews are an issue for you RMG can help you improve your reputation through business development training and online reputation management.

    directory listing service and review management for home repair businesses

    Google runs things on the internet, like it or not.

    Google My Business Is Critical

    Directory Listing Service & Review Management

    Google My Business is the king of the hill when it comes to online business listings.

    Google My Business is a critical component of local digital marketing.  Google My Business not only impacts what people find about your business it is also a huge part of online reputation management.

    If you don’t claim your listing it does not stop others from talking about your business.  It also means you more than likely have incorrect information on Google.

    Imagine being the owner of an Italian Bakery.  One of the busiest days of the year is Christmas Eve.  Google My Business shows that you’re closed on Christmas Eve.  How much business do you think you missed out on?

    This happened to an Italian Bakery in Connecticut a few years ago.  They estimate lost business (based on previous years numbers) at 47%.

    With Google My Business you tell Google where your business is, what hours it is open, what your service area is and what promotions you have available.  There are lots of service businesses that do not utilize Google My Business to it’s fullest.  If you take advantage of GMB you are setting yourself apart from your competition.

    What are people finding when they search for your business?  Are they finding your business or your competitors?

    How Rooftop Marketing Group Does Directory Listings & Review Management

    At Rooftop Marketing Group we have an innovative platform that allows us to manage and monitor the top online business listing sites.  We are able to maintain consistency across all of your listings.  We monitor reviews and respond as needed, or you can reply through our dashboard.

    Also included as part of our directory listing service and review management platform:

    • Performance Analytics
    • Dashboard for Business Owner/Manager
    • Reporting
    • Keyword Ranking
    • Update Multiple/All Listings

    With Rooftop Marketing Group’s Directory Listing Service Platform you will always be in the know, and knowing is half the battle.

    directory listing service and review management