You’re Scaring Potential Clients Off FB

7 Reasons People Leave Your Site.  You’re Scaring Potential Clients Off.

As a home improvement business, you probably face a lot of competition.  It’s your job to develop business (unless you hire Rooftop Marketing Group).   If you’re not developing new business you’re not growing.  If you’re not growing then your business won’t survive.

If you need some ideas on how to generate leads to grow your business read our blog post 10 Epic Lead Generation Secrets for Blue Collar Businesses.

As the chief growth officer and generally a curious person I visit A LOT of websites.  I pay attention to things from a website visitor’s perspective.  I try to view things like the average homeowner looking for help would.

Across service industry businesses I notice 7 things that scare potential clients off more than on most other business sites.  That’s not to say other sites don’t have opportunities.  And that’s not to say there aren’t other items that should be addressed as well.  A website is never truly complete.

As a website builder and an SEO expert, I notice things that a lot of people don’t pay attention to.  As a consumer, I notice things from a consumer’s perspective.  These 7 things will hurt your website traffic, search engine rankings and overall sales.

7 Reasons People Leave Your Site7 Reasons People Leave Your Site

  1. Using Free Email Accounts (AOL, GMAIL, YAHOO)

    I’ve written about this one on other blog posts. I mention it on social media at least once per month. Using a free email service provider for business makes no sense today.

GSuite and Office365 are very affordable at $6/month per account but in the event you don’t want to use either of those services (you really should) there are plenty of free options.

Using AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or your cable company’s free email service tells potential clients that you really don’t care about professionalism and your business’ image.

  1. Not Having SSL on Your Website

    This one can impact your SEO as I wrote about here. At the very least it’s scaring people off.

    not having an ssl certificate will scare website visitors away

Google Chrome and Firefox now warn website visitors when a website is not secured with an SSL certificate.  Given all the possible security risks on the internet, some website visitors are extra cautious and will not continue through to the site.

SSL Certificates are very affordable and easy to install today.  There are ways to do it for free depending on where your website is hosted.  Hosting with us means you have an SSL Certificate and static IP (also a Google ranking factor) as part of your hosting.

  1. Broken Links and Images on Your Website

    Have you ever visited a website only to see missing images (usually shown as a red x with a square around it)? It’s very unappealing to website visitors.

Having missing images and/or broken links (clicking on a link that goes to nowhere) gives the impression that you are not keeping up with your site.

Perception is everything.  If your website visitors (aka your potential clients) see an incomplete, unkept website than they will assume that’s also how you conduct business.

Someone should review your website on a regular basis to ensure that there are not any broken links and missing images.  There are tools available to monitor for broken links as well.

  1. No Recent Updates on Your Website or Social Media

    I tell every business owner they need to create content. That could be a blog, videos, a podcast, infographics…. whatever they want to create but they need ongoing content.

Some businesses get it, some don’t.  Some simply don’t have the time.  I get it.  Trust me I get it.

If you don’t have the time you need to hire someone to create fresh relevant content for your website and social media accounts.

I once visited the Facebook page for a digital marketer.  Their Facebook page hadn’t been updated in almost a year.  Do you think this digital marketer was getting new clients using the same services they’re trying to sell?

Consumers want to see your business’s personality.  They want to get to know as much about your business before they contact you.  You accomplish this by updating your website with content and sharing that to social media.

  1. Outdated Website

    there’s nothing worse than visiting a website that looks like it was built 15 years ago.

The copyright message at the bottom says 2004.  It’s a small box on the upper left of your browser window.  If you try to visit it on your smartphone or tablet it doesn’t load properly.  There’s a flash file trying to load but can’t because flash is lame and no longer being used.

This is like not having any recent updates on your website.  In fact, you probably have no recent updates on your website.

You’re probably laughing but I still see this.  It’s an instant turn off.  Why would anyone want to call you if you’re not taking care of your web property?

If you work in most of the trades, there’s no reason to have a website built more than 5 years ago.  Technology changes.  So do people.  What worked then doesn’t work today.

outdated website could be hurting your business

  1. Not Mobile Friendly

    While this was pretty much covered above but it is possible that you have a more recent website that is not mobile friendly.

Small text, slow loading, huge images, and sliders all cause issues for people visiting your site from a mobile device.  More than half of all internet users visit websites from a mobile device.  In some industries that number is higher.

Google now indexes websites as mobile first.  Existing sites may not have been indexed this way yet, but new sites are immediate.  This means that Google is indexing the mobile version of your website as the primary version of your site.

What happens if your site is not mobile friendly?

  1. No License Information

    I plan to write a blog post about Google Guaranteed. It’s a great service for home improvement businesses.  Google provides very qualified leads to your business.

To use Google Guaranteed you must supply your business license information.  Without this, you cannot participate in Google Guaranteed.

I know there are other Home Advisory websites that don’t require license information.  We do require your license and insurance information to work with a business.

Homeowners should (and in most cases do) require you to have your license and insurance information available.  It’s good practice to have your license information on your website.

Closing Thoughts on 7 Reasons People Leave Your Site

I have noticed that a competitor of ours has clients who have some of these problems on their websites.  Some of these things can be resolved quickly while others require a little more time and effort.

If you don’t want to scare potential clients off before you even have a chance to create a raving fan out of them then you should deal with these items.  If you’re unable to then you should hire a team like Rooftop Marketing Group.

You wouldn’t recommend we run the Cat6 cable in our office, would you?

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  • Jordyn says:

    Outdated websites always make me think the company must not be in operation anymore which tends to freak me out! I also think it is great if there is a blog or social media for a potential customer to see that the company is “active” so to speak. I dont care if a company posts everyday on social media, but some sort of presence gives me assurance that they are still up and running!

  • Tara Pittman says:

    I so agree about the free email accounts. I will not reply to a company that uses gmail for their email as I am afraid that I will not get paid.

  • I would say one other thing that makes people leave your site is it not being easy to read or navigate. Having a stationary header that doesn’t go away when scrolling or other things that take up a large portion of the screen and/or pop-ups that interfere with being able to see and use a sight will have me exiting real quick.

  • I just went onto a site that had music playing. Didn’t that go out with Myspace? I would say that is something you should NEVER have.

  • This is great advice, very true. I’m shocked every time I see an AOL account and turned off if someone’s using it for business!

  • Ceci Rey says:

    These are great suggestions! I am interested in the Google Guarantee…thanks for sharing!

  • Claire says:

    These are some great tips!! Very important too. You have to think of your website as your online appearance!

  • Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    Keeping traffic on the site is important. Having them come back is another important step too.

  • Swathi says:

    Yes if the website is not user friendly no one will visit, even if they visit they will not stay there. These are really good points we need to taken care off.

  • Vicky says:

    It really is important to keep your website up to date otherwise it puts people off

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