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1 Way You Can Get a Free Website SEO Audit

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Get a Free Website Audit

Learn How to Get a Free Website Audit

This audit will show you what areas of your website need attention and what areas are set up properly for Google and Bing.

Learn what opportunities you have on your website. See what it will take to beat your competition on Google and Bing.

You’ll discover:

  • Does Your Site Load Too Slow
  • Is Your Site Optimized for Your Relevant Keywords
  • Is Your Competitor’s Site Optimized Better
  • Do You Have Relevant Back Links
  • Is Your Site Mobile Optimized Better
  • What Does Google See When They Look At Your Site
  • And a lot more…


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Hello everyone welcome to the rooftop Marketing Group Vlog little educational piece piece for you today I just wanted to share that you can get a free website will tell you everything you need to know about how to improve your website results on Google and Bing and Yahoo and all the other search engines out there and it’s free clinic free no no expectations whatsoever from from you towards us all you have to do go to Rooftop did you see up there in the top right or top left side scroll down on the first page in your website will put in the sea what can I put in for a website that’s put in that’s Grant let’s find a website randomly let’s say a painter in Hartford Connecticut can’t wait have let’s do this one here Chamberlain professional painting or I can tell you right now their website loads slow that’s not a good sign can we go Chamberlain painting with in their website are there residential yes residential painter this is put in home painter put in a phone number can you check the score nurse should take 15 seconds who’s it takes about 60 seconds or so we’ll see and that’s all you have to do you could put a competitor you around and I’ll give you all the results compare to your your competitor when they solve the there’s the score loadrite there’s the score 5454 200 so they’re not too too bad as you can see this patient load quicker or just page size too many file request so I don’t know if they have external external contact I don’t know the exact you are not found in this URL so we have this page should look quicker as we know there’s multiple factors that could have backed up by the way up here this is what’s called above the fault so what should be above the fault this is the form filled should be up higher so maybe move that image down everybody’s a little different so that means impact them too greatly but has 99 request so it’s requesting 99 external items are not sure what that is it could be there using some type of web it media not sure what that is but maybe some type of external websites to code that these different sites give you to put on your site then those are going to be at those are going to be request images almost as a request so if you should look quicker I would request maybe look for alternate a post and I’m not sure where the hosted we hosts exclusively on AWS lightsail at this point reduce the page size content not sure if there’s any media other than the images but a lot of images the map is an external is a request too many follow requests as reset is a pretty big web page size so you’re all is as your friendly so if I were to search Chamberlain for hinting that would be great that’s in your arm now it says here exactly we’re not finding this your other key would I use was home painter now that’s going to be hard to do MP3. Com is probably already taken but any Services you could say there could be a page here that says home painter and I don’t know that he the amount of keywords that are the amount of searches home painter gets in a month but if it was a high-volume hiring to find to warranty creative Pages for homepage turn off the interior painting Etsy yes so you can see us in the Euro interior painting no underscores in New York all good job their age is close enough to top-level domain it is the top level domain so what does that mean that means is a top-level domain this would be would still be considered top level domain but if I had painting. Chamberlain that’s a subdomain title text should contain keyword Chamberlain professional clinic so this could be better for sure why would the same thing twice Emma Chamberlain professional painting home painter commercial paints or something along those lines federal tax should begin with Q work so it could be and that you know so many things aren’t as important as others but so maybe it’s home painter to have a good brand recognition the new Chamberlain painting up front description tag needs exact key word there is no description tag found now just description tags are moving away we’re moving away from description tags and moving more towards schema markup and things like that so what does that mean that means that you should still include it but what Google does when it can’t find a description tag is it’s going to take the first on the go back to the homepage it’s going to take the first bit of information it will find which is probably this there are reports that Google will take any information that could find it whatever is relevant to the search so there is no meta description in this website there should be it does not look to me given that it says home. Chamberlain professional doesn’t look like a CEO was completed on this site images that are 53 images on the first page that is a lot of images I know it’s e53 but it says there’s 54 maybe that is a lot of images of images have all the tires that’s good I don’t know what those all times are at least you can look at a couple are stretch shpnc what is the name for all tag I don’t see how I’ll text you but it says it’s hot as all tags my guess is the Altec is going to be something like a HP interior under square interior I would assume HP stands for home painter or home painting interior I’m not sure but so has all tags but they’re not really relevant you want her to have it all time does relevant to what you’re up you’re searching for you want people to find keywords when all tag so you can see that is not the case here at his IQ words when image filename also generically remove any underscores an image file names and I believe there was a underscore in a file names yesterday’s is a very generic names so you want to change that heading tags there is an H1 tag is for testimonials nobody’s going to a mean first of all if you’re going to if you’re going to search if you want to compete for the word testimonials probably companies orbit media optinmonster crazy egg Sleek note most of these are companies that try to help with development of your website as far as this girl is concerned off our story again not not a good age to tag interior not really good should be interior painting this should really be either the company name or whatever the pages or home painter and we landed on the page for home painters. The H1 tax should be home painting your home painter Smiley home painting residential painting copying ounces should have 2000 plus words in his page at least 500 looks like they probably do have 500 here maybe not but at least 500 is the minimum only use exact keyword for X not being used at all old italicize or underline exact keyword add your exact you were in the first hundred words add your executor to text link to site map there is a site map found so that’s good HTML is not w3c compliant let me see is this is a WordPress site and they’re using an older theme somebody’s been updating the site this is the newest version of WordPress so they’re doing okay there no indication that I don’t even see Google analytics here so they may not even view they may not care enough about a CEO they have Facebook conversion tracking so they’re doing Facebook ads slider Revolution is at the heavy heavy plug-in so I would switch that up I just remove that from one of my clients sites Google Maps that’s the map that was solved no no indication that they’re using Google Analytics which means a not really overly concerned with with SEO they do use a CDL in and it still looks low that’s crazy no flash found is great enough using flash anymore remove inline CSS pretty difficult thing to accomplish is always a little bit of inline CSS especially for using WordPress text to HTML ratios to low again not a lot of content found schema org Marco’s to the using schema but it doesn’t smell send a how to sign up in the shower while it’s not linked I didn’t so they have a Facebook share at a link to a Blog I didn’t see a Blog now that look like to have a Blog a Blog is is really a big deal you really should have a Blog so you’ll see all of my all the rooftop Marketing Group clients will have locked in the update frequency will depend on what they want to do is so pretty good mobile Three Links from other sites not a lot of backlinks backlinks the hardest part of that points to get legitimate back things without using Shady methods is it difficult you have some non Google stuff here Maz trust them in score all monsters Peace Corps and things like that so miles is in there is a third party to give you an idea of what you could improve to improve your rankings on Google for the desert things Google looks at directly for the house domain should be 15 characters in length and we got 15 characters is a small door Mainstays less than 50 but not that much more difficult to do almost prefer domain set meeting. Com as your IP address switches are they using shared hosting in what that’s one of the reasons I moved off of shared hosting or most other hosting providers one with speed the other was with Amazon static IP site is accessible via HTTP which is good I did a case study while back before we form roof. Marketing Group and it’s on so it’s on my private not private but my personal YouTube channel where I talked about is SSL which is secure site this little lock up here is that important for us yo does it impact the search results and we couldn’t prove that say that if that Google looks at it as part of their ranking analytics however most of the search results kind of tie in with having a secure site so that’s your it’s interesting because if you know if I look at the first page of a residential train the suggested painting so I should have brought us to painting this is a good way to find keywords alternatives to look at this is it but anyway so we have so you have your your ads you have your Google Map but then down here sweetheart of HTTP https https 5 6 7 8 not secure message yes we have two that are not secure out of the first 10 is that correct it is so 80% of the results are secure site and then you have you know so this is a secure sites Connecticut painting contractors this local this is local this is local so there are Pages close to me I’m in Meriden either Meriden Meriden Connecticut IP address there are patriots to me that you know just so these are the ones closer to me on the Google Map but those don’t show up here for various reasons I don’t know what Southington painting that’s also they got Southington painting here and here now to advertise that I got two of the three bases on the first page of Google if they were to run an ad that could conceivably have three spots on the first page of Google than anybody else on this page but they’re not the closest to me there are Pages closer to me so there does seem to be a correlation between us as hell and and first page rankings on Google now that’s the end of the report and what’ll happen is you’ll get an email from myself or or someone on the team saying so you have this you can use this as you see fit but will follow up with you too and talk about how we can help but there’s no commitment to us you don’t have to do anything we like to give week we like to give our service business or service business friends as many free tools as possible so on are we have this tool and we have you know we have three listing scan which I’ve gone over before which is available you can see where your site is listed on the internet where your business is listed on the internet and all these tools are there to help you that’s what we are you know you’ll see it how can we serve you right at the very top of our page that’s what we do we’re here to serve you so free listing skin and if you really want to get into get into it you can go to and see if I can remember the yarrow so here’s the link for the audit the you know the full-blown audit the same you’re going to get the same thing but you would get more information from you again at the competitor competitor your L if you want to so this is the you’re all right here website address just go to audit – – site and put your information there and you get you get the same results will reach out to you see if there’s anything we can help with you’re not obligated so that’s going to do it for this video this blog this blog from rooftop marketing I will talk to you again soon have a great weekend everyone 

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